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November 16, 2013 — Category: Baby Gifts — Written by Adam

All women love to shop well that’s what most men think but most of us mums are too busy running around being a taxi service for our children who have a much better social life than us, cleaning the house , working as well as supporting and boosting our husbands egos.

Most shopping trips are a mad dash to grab the essentials in the shortest time possible before the kids or husband (or both) start complaining so when we do get to go shopping lets make the most of it by making a day of it at a slow relaxed pace with the odd coffee break and a lovely relaxed lunch with no screaming children.

Get dresses up turn your phone to silent walk tall and enjoy!

It may only be once a year but it will be worth every moment of YOU time you might be a mum, wife, house keeper and taxi driver but just for once be true to yourself selfish maybe but recharge your batteries in style a change is as good as a rest they say.

You can also make a night of it by turning off your phone putting the children to bed getting a glass of your favourite wine and putting on one of your CD’s.

Then sit down in a cosy room with your laptop and shop it may be for you, family or friends but it can be relaxing and fun.

It’s that easy why not have bundles of joy shopping in what ever way have fits into your lifestyle and you don’t have to battle round the shops carry the bags or even fight for a car parking space if you need to buy a gift for a new baby why not have a look at newborn baby gifts boxes for great baby gifts ideas.

Bridget Jones role model to mums

November 8, 2013 — Category: Baby Products — Written by Diane

Christmas is only 7 weeks away does this fill you with dread or are you one of those people who just love Christmas and are supper organised.

Well I fall into the Bridget Jones type of person who thinks I have all the time in the world then panics the week before and end up spending more than I had intended or a gift that I am not sure about or what to buy as a baby gift for a friend.

I have just finished reading Mad about the Boy, the third book in the Bridget Jones series, which I treated myself to as early Christmas present and found it hard to put down.

It has been lovely catching up with this lovely character or old friend who has now become a mother and has had to deal with loosing Husband, Mark Darcy and trying to get her own life back on track juggling children, work and friends in the only clumsy way Bridget can.

We can all identify with Bridget and she somehow makes us all feel better about ourselves so we can sit back feeling slightly smug as our life is not as bad as hers.

Bridget now has twitter, face book and texting to make her life even more complicated and she also has to deal with getting older.

Bridget spends hours ‘faffing about but never actually getting anywhere which I think most mums feel like on some days but we don’t like to admit to it.

We also write endless lists just like Bridget than never get completed just added too but the one thing that we should all learn from Bridget is never give in we all make mistakes but time heals everything and life changes or takes a unexpected direction but as we all need to remember life goes on so lets live it to the full and enjoy being mums.

A book to enjoy and LOL with and makes a great gift for a new mum as we all get it wrong sometimes just not as much as Bridget hopefully.

Champagne & Gift sets

Autumn has arrived at baby joy

September 27, 2013 — Category: Baby Gifts, New Baby Gifts General News — Written by Adam

Our new stock has finally arrived!

It’s so cute and I cannot wait to share them all with you.

I was like a small child at Christmas opening all the boxes when the stock arrived and made as much mess I wasn’t so keen on the clearing up.

we have a lovely new selection of baby gift baskets & gift sets as well as our lovely traditional gift baskets which people come back time after time to buy to send to friends, family or colleagues.

We always choose each item very carefully as we take pride in our work and it has to be perfect.

We never send any paperwork or receipts out with any of our gifts only your message as we are and will always be a baby gift company who will always make every single gift special.

We also have a few new big sister and new big brother gifts so why not add one to your order so no one feels left out.

As we start to snuggle down in the cold dark evenings our thoughts start wondering to Christmas shopping so if you have a new baby to buy for or have had a baby and looking for a personalised gift for new nanny and granddad don’t forget that we are now taking orders for our very popular Christmas fine china frames and 1st Christmas baubles which can be personalised with the new arrivals name and year of birth and give joy every year as it takes pride of place on the tree or holding a precious photograph which brings back happy memories year after year, but hurry as all are hand painted in the potteries with a 2 week delivery time.

The frames also make great gifts for grandparents or aunties and uncles so please visit our personalized china page

Fine motor development of babies

September 20, 2013 — Category: Baby Advice — Written by natalie

The main development of fine motor development are

The Palmer grasp at 6 months involves the baby using his whole hand the baby can now pick up large toys or finger foods by wrapping their hand around the object this can still be a bit clumsy and they might not always find their mouth so can be a messy experience but a very important skill for baby to experience and develop.

Pointing with the index finger normally develops at around 9 months baby can now point to a object or person in a very defendant way I played a game with both my children to develop this skill and language, I would put them on my lap facing me and I would ask them to point to parts of my face starting with nose and lips and then moving on to more difficult features when they had mastered them like chin, ears and eyes but be careful with this one as you might get a little finger in your eye ouch!

Pincer grasp has moved on greatly by 12 months baby can now pick up much smaller items using the thumb and first finger baby is keen to start feeding themselves and my children loved emptying the toy box or kitchen cupboard to practice this skill on a daily basis.

Picking up small object at 15 months the baby can now pick up very small items now in a very skilled action using the tips of the thumb and first finger my daughter showed this skill off when having a development test with her health visitor who had placed a small brick on the floor in front of her to see if she could pick it up she looked at her for a moment studying her face the picked up a bit of fluff of the carpet and gave it to her.

That’s my girl!

All children develop at different rates and this is just a guide but it’s important to let them develop it by letting them experience as many different textures, shapes and object as possible in a safe environment and trying different foods encourages this as well as foods all feel different and making a mess is all about learning.

Early social development of babies

September 13, 2013 — Category: Baby Advice — Written by natalie

The baby’s first relationship is usually with mum and dad but he is also able to form attachments with others but it’s the quality of the interaction rather than the length of time.

Babies love to be talked too it doesn’t matter what you say but if talked to in a soft gentle voice they will normally calm down and study your face.

If baby dose not respond to you then check the basics that they are not hungry, need a nappy change or too hot or cold.

It dose not matter if the main carer is the biological mother or not they will always respond to them as long as the primary carer is sensitive to the babies signals and needs for example when the baby smiles, cries or is happy playing or babbling the responds given by the mother establishes the babies early socialization forming the basis for communication between mother and baby.

Babies imitate the gestures and vocal noises that we make this is the way babies learn and develop and this is the main way we can identify when a baby might have hearing problems as this important stage is slowed down or the baby is unaware of the vocal relationship between them and others making social development delayed.

This is what makes feeding, bath time, playing, nappy changing so important in every babies life it’s a time to learn and share experiences as well as having fun.

Never rush this special time with baby as you will unsettle them which will mean a difficult time for you later as they might not sleep or feed as well.

Generally if you are happy and relaxed so will baby which normally means more sleep for you which as every new parent will tell you is the one thing you need.

Your 3 month old baby

August 24, 2013 — Category: Baby related — Written by Craig B

Your baby will now have his own very individual personality and you will find it a lot easier to know that your baby is telling you.

You are probably in a good routine and all getting more sleep.

It’s a great time as you are now feeling more relaxed and settled in you new role as a parent.

Posture and large movement

In the supine position the baby now prefers to lie with head midline.

Baby will now kick vigorously making putting socks difficult.

If pulled into a sitting position little or no head lag now.

In ventral suspension the baby will now hold head well above the line of the body with hips and shoulders extended.

If placed in prone position they will lift head and even upper chest off surface

When held in a sitting position back will be straight except lumbar region.

Eyes and vision

Baby is now very visually alert.

Baby will move head deliberately to look around the room.

They will now watch movement of their own hands and engages in finger play beginning to clasp and unclasp hands and pressing palms together.

Baby will now hold a object when placed into hand

Most babies are starting to recognize mum and dad or other very familiar faces.


Sudden load noises will still distress them.

Baby will smile or quiet down to mother’s voice.

Baby will be vocal when spoken too or when happy.

You will see baby suck or lick their lips in response to feeding or when hungry. They will also fix onto mothers face unblinkingly when feeding.

Deaf babies may be startled by your sudden appearance.

Your baby will now react to familiar situations by showing you with a smile or a coo and show excitement by making fast arm and leg movements they will also enjoy bath time and caring routines like nappy changing and feeding.

Your One month old baby

August 17, 2013 — Category: Baby related — Written by natalie

The one month old baby is developing quickly as muscles are getting stronger and senses more developed. It’s an exciting time for new parents as they feel that their new baby is starting to interact and respond to them.

The bonding process is well underway.

Posture and large movement

Baby is now making large jerky movements of limbs arms are more active than legs.

Baby will lie in supine position head to one side, arm and leg on face side will be out stretched, or both arm flexed; knees apart soles of feet turned inwards.

When you touch babies cheek he/she will turn and try to suck finger.

When ear touched baby will turn away.

If placed in prone position the baby will turn head immediately to side and will move arms and legs away from the body, buttocks moderately high

Prone Position

Prone Position

If held in the ventral position the baby will hold his head in line with body now but arms and legs may still hang downwards.

Eyes and Vision

Baby will now turn to light source being a window or artificial light but will shut eyes when a a light is shone directly into them.

Pupils react to light.

Babies gaze can be caught and held if in line of vision from 6-10 cm away from face.

Baby will follow movement.

Baby watches your face when feeding this is a great bonding opportunity so talk or sing to them from birth.

Baby Blinks from 6-8 weeks


Baby is startled by sudden noises

Baby will usually turns toward sound or voice but not when screaming or feeding. But will normally stop crying if picked up and spoken to in a soft voice.

This is a very important time in any new parents and babies life you must not rush your very special time together so don’t answer the phone or the door it can all wait and enjoy just being together as a family.

Your newborn Baby

August 10, 2013 — Category: Baby related — Written by Eleanor

The new born baby has many reflexes at birth that we don’t really think about but are very important.

These reflexes are closely dependent not only upon babies’ maturity for example if the baby was born full Term or premature will play a big part as well as any underlining medical conditions or even the time of day if the baby is hungry or sleepy.

New born posture and large movements

Ventral Suspension – if baby is held in a ventral suspension (you hold the baby around body with arms and legs hanging down the head droops below the body.

Ventral Suspension

Ventral Suspension

The Moro – or startled reflex is when you support the babies body and head equally and carefully but suddenly make a small dropping movement the baby will throw their arm out.

Moro Reflex

Moro Reflex

Pulled to sitting – when the baby is laying down and you pull them into a sitting position you will notice a marked head lag as the muscles of the neck are not strong enough.

Pulled to sitting

Pulled to sitting

Held upright under arms – if held in a upright suspension under arms the muscles of the shoulder and upper arms demonstrate good tone and power by holding symmetrically for several seconds for giving way placing reactions, primary walking and extension of legs to pressure on the soles of the feet are demonstrated anthe the toes or if pressure is put on palm of the hand the fingers or toes will grip around the pressure this is know as the palmar and planter grasp reflex. palmar and planter grasp reflex

Palmar and Planter grasp

Palmar and Planter grasp

The ears and eyes of a newborn

1. The newborn will root for the mothers breast at birth looking for milk he can also suck, swallow.

2. Pupils will react to light from birth with optical closure to sudden bright light.

3. Baby will blink or open eyes to sudden sound.

  1. Open eyes when held in a upright position.

A few of the reflexes present at birth will disappear within a few days but many will stay with new ones developing in the coming weeks.

All newborns are amazing but all are individual.

Prince George Alexander Louis

July 28, 2013 — Category: Baby Gifts — Written by admin

Well he has finally arrived the much anticipated baby arrival for years prince George Alexander Louis who the whole world will watch him grow up into the future king of England (no pressure then) its hard enough for the rest of us without the world media watching for your every mistake and any flaw in your personality.

I just hope we watch from a distance and let him mature into a lovely young man like his father and he enjoys his role in life which he has been born into.

I wonder if George, Georgina and Georgia will jump to the top of the top 100 baby names in the next 6 months only time will tell but I bet they will as all new babies are princes and princess in every new parent’s eyes.

As any new parent will tell you the new arrival soon rules the roost even if they are not destined to rule England one day so we wish Kate and William all our best wishes in the future as they have a very important job in bring up a well balance, happy and confident young man who can keep the best of Britain Great and keep our traditions alive but also move the royal family forward to change with the rest of the world and embrace the future because I would hate to loose our Royal family its what makes our country so proud and our formal events get the whole world looking at us for all the right reasons as no other country does it like us.

Below are the top baby girl and boy names in the UK will we see George, Georgina and Georgia in the top ten next year!

Top 100 baby girls names 2012

  1. Amelia
  2. Olivia
  3. Emily
  4. Jessica
  5. Sophie
  6. Lily
  7. Mia
  8. Ava
  9. Isla
  10. Ruby
  11. Grace
  12. Evie
  13. Poppy
  14. Sophia
  15. Isabella
  16. Chloe
  17. Freya
  18. Ella
  19. Lucy
  20. Daisy
  21. Millie
  22. Charlotte
  23. Isabelle
  24. Eva
  25. Lola
  26. Layla
  27. Holly
  28. Scarlett
  29. Maisie
  30. Molly
  31. Lily
  32. Erin
  33. Summer
  34. Ellie
  35. Lexi
  36. Sienna
  37. Alice
  38. Phoebe
  39. Megan
  40. Hannah
  41. Lacey
  42. Emma
  43. Brooke
  44. Florence
  45. Rosie
  46. Imogen
  47. Katie
  48. Amy
  49. Abigail
  50. Elixabeth
  51. Leah
  52. Jasmine
  53. Gracie
  54. Georgia
  55. Sofia
  56. Bella
  57. Matilda
  58. Anna
  59. Amber
  60. Amelie
  61. Faith
  62. Esme
  63. Madison
  64. Hollie
  65. Willow
  66. Maya
  67. Maddison
  68. Bethany
  69. Isabel
  70. Evelyn
  71. Elsie
  72. Darcy
  73. Zara
  74. Paige
  75. Niamh
  76. Julia
  77. Eliza
  78. Rose
  79. Annabelle
  80. Tilly
  81. Mollie
  82. Heidi
  83. Lauren
  84. Rebecca
  85. Zoe
  86. Eleanor
  87. Skye
  88. Harriet
  89. Maisy
  90. Martha
  91. Caitlin
  92. Alexis
  93. Mya
  94. Scarlet
  95. Emilia
  96. Lexie
  97. Kayla
  98. Dracey
  99. Isobel
  100. Keira

Top 100 baby boy names 2012

  1. Harry
  2. Jack
  3. Charlie
  4. Oliver
  5. Alfie
  6. Riley
  7. Jacob
  8. James
  9. Thomas
  10. Ethan
  11. Joshua
  12. Max
  13. George
  14. Noah
  15. William
  16. Tyler
  17. Archie
  18. Daniel
  19. Logan
  20. Leo
  21. Oscar
  22. Mason
  23. Lucas
  24. Jake
  25. Dylan
  26. Joseph
  27. Henry
  28. Samuel
  29. Freddie
  30. Harrison
  31. Finley
  32. Alexander
  33. Jayden
  34. Isaac
  35. Lewis
  36. Ryan
  37. Adam
  38. Theo
  39. Benjamin
  40. Harley
  41. Alex
  42. Luke
  43. Matthew
  44. Edward
  45. Callum
  46. Liam
  47. Toby
  48. Tommy
  49. Harvey
  50. Jamie
  51. Connor
  52. Bobby
  53. Nathan
  54. Jenson
  55. Ollie
  56. Sebastian
  57. Michael
  58. Frankie
  59. Finlay
  60. Kai
  61. Ben
  62. Blake
  63. Zachery
  64. Aiden
  65. Cameron
  66. Aaron
  67. David
  68. Arthur
  69. Luca
  70. Jude
  71. Sam
  72. Leon
  73. Dexter
  74. Owen
  75. Kyle
  76. Kayden
  77. Louis
  78. Rhys
  79. Evan
  80. Taylor
  81. Rory
  82. Stanley
  83. Celeb
  84. Zac
  85. Eliot
  86. Reuben
  87. Bailey
  88. Kian
  89. Jackson
  90. Louie
  91. Billy
  92. Sonny
  93. Seth
  94. Olly
  95. Reece
  96. Bradley
  97. Hugo
  98. Hayden
  99. Cody
  100. Elijah

Great new gifts just added…

June 23, 2013 — Category: Baby Gifts — Written by Adam

We are having a great time sourcing out new products to compliment our existing, exciting range of gifts.

Our new gift bag sets are really excellent value at only £14.99 for an 8 piece baby gift set.

Check them out today.

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