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4 facts about newborn babies senses

September 5, 2011 — Category: Baby Products — Written by natalie

The 5 senses are sight, smell, hearing touch and taste are all present at birth and develop over the years but here are a few facts that you might not know.

The newborn baby’s visual field is 8-9 inches this is just the right distance for the newborn to see mum’s face when feeding from the breast or bottle to start the bonding process.

Newborn babies hearing is dampened during the first couple of days due to the middle ear being full of amniotic fluid this gradually improves when it is absorbed or evaporates over the first couple of days.

The newborn baby’s sense of smell is not as well developed as other animals but the human newborn shows preference to the smell and taste of their own mother’s milk and her own personal smell.

The newborns sense of touch is highly developed at birth and even before that when they are in the uterus the baby will often kick out if a flat hand is placed onto mother’s tummy before birth.

So the senses are a very important part of a newborn baby’s life and how they make sense of the world around them so choose a gift that nurtures and develops these very special skills.

Choose toys that are bright and colourful, make a noise or even have a smell built in.

Different textures are also a great way of stimulating them as well.

Make learning fun it is never to early to start.

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