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Baby’s names

May 13, 2009 — Category: Baby Gifts — Written by Kelly

Before your baby was born, you will probably have spent hours thinking of all the names you know and trying to decide which one is the one for your baby.

For some couples it is easy, as they find that nearly all the names one likes the other doesn’t and vice versa, so in the end there are only a couple of names that they can agree on. But there is a lot to think about when choosing your baby’s name or names.

There is a long tradition of giving a baby at least one family name, often as a middle name; either a previous surname that the family don’t want to lose completely, or more often, a first name that tends to run through the generations. This is likely to be one of the time-honoured names that feel as though they are part of everyone’s history. If you want to give an unusual name, a traditional name given as well can add more depth to the baby’s whole name.

There is always the point to remember that the baby will grow up and will have to live with their name for the whole of their life. A beautiful little baby in her pink outfit may look like a Rosebud, but will she really want to be called this when she is 30?

Once the name is chosen, let other people know, so that they can have the pleasure of choosing newborn baby gifts like bowls and mugs, that you can use when your baby is little, and will afterwards make a lovely keepsake.

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