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Baby development

April 11, 2009 — Category: Baby Advice — Written by Kelly

As the first year of your baby’s life goes on, you will see how they change from not knowing anything about what is going on, to joining in with you. Part of this is the development of your baby’s ability to understand that things happen in a certain pattern and that one thing follows another, such as you getting the pushchair out and the two of you going out.

Small babies don’t have any knowledge of the world, so everything comes as a surprise, but as this ability to predict things develops, so you can enjoy with your baby the anticipation of doing things, as well as the event. You can talk to them about what you are doing and what you are planning to do. They may not completely understand all of it, but as they get older, they will understand more and more.

Eventually, your baby will be able to “ask” to do certain things – they may hold out a toy to you to show that they want you to play with them or bang a spoon because they are hungry, then you really know that they are beginning to understand the world around them.

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