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Baby Pacifiers

December 2, 2008 — Category: Baby Advice — Written by Diane

Amongst all the baby gifts you receive you may find you have collected a wide range of baby pacifiers. You’ll either love or hate pacifiers. On the one hand they are a valuable way of soothing the baby and are also recommended now to be used at bedtime as a prevention aid against SIDS. On the other hand, you know that one day you’ll be faced with taking the pacifier away or may find it discourages your baby from breastfeeding.

If you have received the pacifiers as newborn gifts then you also need to look at whether they are suitable for your baby from a safety point of view. It’s not a bad thing to have a few different styles as your baby will probably like one particular brand best but don’t go rushing out to buy more until you know whether your baby will take one. Some babies just don’t like them.

Avoid pacifiers where the nipple can be detached from the base and also those that have a liquid or gel in the nipple. Liquid filled pacifiers can look nice but they can be potentially harmful if the baby eventually bites through the plastic.

There are also orthodontic pacifiers available that are designed to prevent issues with teeth as the baby grows. They have a rounded top and then a flatter bottom – however if you baby prefers the more traditional nipple, stick with that and take the pacifier away after the first twelve months.

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