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Baby personality

May 21, 2009 — Category: Baby Advice — Written by Kelly

It may seem that all new babies are the same and are too young to really have individual personalities but most parents will tell you that they could see their child’s emerging personality pretty much from day one. You will probably find the same, that each baby has their own ways of dealing with the world and you will find out what these are.

Some babies can get to the age of 3 months and their parents will tell you that they’ve never really heard the baby cry – even if a feed is late; the baby is placid and happy to just wait until it arrives. Night time feeds of course do have to be given, but the little one goes back to sleep afterwards and in the morning will be found happy in the cot, awake but quiet.

Other parents will have the opposite experience of a baby who cries as soon as they wake and can’t be left to wait for their feed.

Does this mean that one baby is ‘good’ and the other is ‘naughty’? Of course not, these are expressions of the baby’s personality, whether they are placid or more active; perhaps it may indicate whether they are more or less anxious, but small babies simply don’t have the mental ability to know what is being good or naughty and so cannot behave in either way. As they grow, you will see the personality developing from these early signs.

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