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Baby shower etiquette

February 17, 2009 — Category: Baby Ideas — Written by Kelly

Baby showers have become very popular in the US and as with all things that start out in the States this celebration of the baby’s imminent arrival and forum for giving baby gifts is catching on in the UK. However what is a baby shower and what are the customs and traditions behind it?

First and foremost who gets a baby shower? Originally in the States it was only the first born child that got a baby shower. However these days there is no discrimination and all babies are seen to be special enough for their own baby shower. This also extends to celebrating the arrival of adopted babies.

When is the baby shower held? This usually happens in the latter two months of pregnancy. This can mean that early arrivals actually attend their own shower, whilst some mums who are only finding out the gender at birth choose to wait until the baby arrives. Some people due to religious or other cultural beliefs wait until after the birth and for adoptive parents it’s usual to wait until everything has been finalised and the baby has arrived.

It is usually a family member who throws the baby shower on behalf of the mum-to-be. This can be from either side of the couple’s family. Baby showers are so popular in the States that a baby can have several organised by family, friends and work colleagues. In short anyone can throw a baby shower for you so sit back and let the presents roll in.

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