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Babytalk, what is acceptable?

June 25, 2009 — Category: Baby Advice — Written by Diane

It isn’t just the way you will find yourself talking to your baby once it arrives – you will find that it affects all your conversation. You and your partner will suddenly find yourselves talking about things you previously had no idea even existed, let alone that you would find them the most interesting topics on earth.

Some of these subjects are about how much sleep you both had last night, and how long it took for your baby to settle back to sleep after being fed and changed. Then there is possetting – had you heard of this? It’s when a baby regurgitates a small amount of their feed, not enough to call it being sick. Cradle cap and the back of the head baldness may take your interest and you will discuss the reasons for these things and what you may do about them.

Then there are the topics of conversation around whether your baby just smiled – was it a real smile or was it wind? And the new way they have started to wave their arms around or kick their feet. Every day you will find a new feature that will prompt another conversation about each small detail on the subject of your baby.

Don’t be embarrassed about this, of course a baby is the biggest thing in your life and you are doing exactly the right thing in making it the central topic of your conversations.

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