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Beat the Post-Pregnancy Bulge

February 16, 2009 — Category: Baby Advice — Written by Diane

As a mum-to-be one of the major concerns can be about losing weight again once the baby arrives. It is a universal struggle that all women have after pregnancy and the papers are littered with miraculous stories of celebrities getting back to their post-pregnancy figures in six weeks flat. However, realistically it can take much longer and some women never manage to lose the extra pounds and indeed carry on putting on weight after the baby has arrived. It needn’t be like this though.

Recent studies have shown that by making some simple changes once the baby is born women can slowly and sensibly lose the pounds and prevent more weight piling on. Follow these three simple steps:

1. Take a walk every day

By introducing a thirty minute walk every day you will prevent extra weight coming on and also start to shift those pounds you gained in the previous nine months. It’s great for the baby to get outdoors every day so get the pushchair out and head for the local park. It’ll be a great break from the house.

2. Reduce your TV viewing time

Replace plonking yourself in front on the TV with other activities. You may be thinking that you’ll never have time to watch TV again as it is but apparently a massive proportion of women do find themselves sat in front of the TV when they take a break. Instead do some stretching exercises or something active around the house.

3. Cut down trans fats

Trans fats are clearly labeled on food products and you’ll find that in the main it is high fat processed foods and desserts that should be avoided. Swap sugary, high fat snacks for fruit and nuts.

There are also plenty of exercise DVDs available specifically designed for helping you get back into shape. If you have a baby gifts list then don’t be shy about adding a few items that are aimed at helping you to recover. Whether its exercise DVDs, books or items to help you relax, put them on the list.

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