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Building a relationship

March 24, 2009 — Category: Baby Advice, Baby Gifts — Written by Diane

Even from the first day, a new baby starts to know their mum and dad and to build a relationship with them. As you look after your new baby, everything you do is part of the relationship and the getting-to-know each other.

As you change a nappy, or put them to bed, you can be gently singing to your baby or talking about what you are doing.

If you have been lucky enough to be given some baby gifts like soft bootees or teddy for your new baby, then you can use these to gently stroke against your baby’s skin, and you will be able to see what their reaction is.

You and your baby will be communicating through your touch, and singing, and facial expressions, and as you talk, sing to and touch your new baby, so they will be learning that you are you, and beginning to know the sight, sound and smell of you. You will begin to make eye contact, and will find that your baby looks intently at you. It seems that babies can look at faces from very early on, and making eye contact with you builds their confidence. So, as you look after your new baby, there are lots of small ways for you to learn about each other.

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