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Buying Baby Clothes

November 29, 2008 — Category: Baby Gifts — Written by Diane

When buying baby clothes as baby gifts it can be tempting to aim for larger sizes in the hope that they will be useful to the parents for longer. However, for newborn babies this doesn’t tend to work very well and the speedy gaining of just a few pounds can soon make an outfit too small or tight. If you go for sizes that are too big the newborn will drown in the outfit. In the early stages choose clothes based on weight rather than age. Compare different outlets as some ranges can be bigger than others.

You also need to look out for how easily can the clothes be put on and taken off. You’d be surprised how many manufacturers do not design their baby clothes with this practical issue in mind! Sometimes you’ll find that the opening for the head is far too small or the press studs don’t open far enough. The baby will be in and out of nappies so access to the baby’s bottom end needs to be quick and easy. Look out for press stuff openings or outfits that have bottom half that can be removed with ease. Also make sure they can be machine washed!

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