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Bridget Jones role model to mums

November 8, 2013 — Category: Baby Products — Written by Diane

Christmas is only 7 weeks away does this fill you with dread or are you one of those people who just love Christmas and are supper organised.

Well I fall into the Bridget Jones type of person who thinks I have all the time in the world then panics the week before and end up spending more than I had intended or a gift that I am not sure about or what to buy as a baby gift for a friend.

I have just finished reading Mad about the Boy, the third book in the Bridget Jones series, which I treated myself to as early Christmas present and found it hard to put down.

It has been lovely catching up with this lovely character or old friend who has now become a mother and has had to deal with loosing Husband, Mark Darcy and trying to get her own life back on track juggling children, work and friends in the only clumsy way Bridget can.

We can all identify with Bridget and she somehow makes us all feel better about ourselves so we can sit back feeling slightly smug as our life is not as bad as hers.

Bridget now has twitter, face book and texting to make her life even more complicated and she also has to deal with getting older.

Bridget spends hours ‘faffing about but never actually getting anywhere which I think most mums feel like on some days but we don’t like to admit to it.

We also write endless lists just like Bridget than never get completed just added too but the one thing that we should all learn from Bridget is never give in we all make mistakes but time heals everything and life changes or takes a unexpected direction but as we all need to remember life goes on so lets live it to the full and enjoy being mums.

A book to enjoy and LOL with and makes a great gift for a new mum as we all get it wrong sometimes just not as much as Bridget hopefully.

Champagne & Gift sets

Taggies Zebra Clothing set Take Me Home new baby gift for a girl.

October 9, 2012 — Category: Baby Products — Written by natalie

Taggies Zebra Clothing set Take Me Home new baby gift for a girl.

Taggies baby gifts for girls

Taggies baby gifts for girls

Look great with this new baby gift when you take baby out to play and back home wearing interactive Taggies clothing!

All items are full of tags, the soft, 100% cotton interlock set includes long-sleeve, snap-front shirt with pink zebra design, practical bodysuit, and stripey trousers with feet.

Size 3-6 months,
Great fun tags for play value
This baby gift is suitable from birth so its an ideal way to say congratulations to the new parents.  Available to buy in stock for next day delivery from our website today.

Christmas Shopping for baby gifts can be fun!

November 29, 2011 — Category: Baby Products — Written by natalie
It’s nearly December have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

If not beat the Queues and trying to find the only car parking space left in the whole car park by shopping at and have your gifts delivered to your own or the recipient’s front door in time for Christmas.
If you are sending a Christmas gift direct to someone else we wrap the gift add your own personal message but no other paperwork or invoices are sent out with them just the gift and your personal message to them.
We then stamp the parcel with Do not open until Christmas day for that extra special magical touch.
If you would like us to gift wrap your gift for FREE enter ”Christmas wrapped up” in the comments box when you place an order online.
We will then Wrap you gift in Christmas wrapping paper and add your message tag before boxing it up for shipping.
All boxes have to be signed for and have a tracking number so you can check that they have arrived safely.
Visit out great toy section
We also have lovely gifts for mums dads and grandparents Last year we played a part in a lovely Christmas gift for two grandparents to be their daughter bought a nanny and granddad mugs from us and we sent them directly to her parents the mugs had a personal message with them and we stamped the box with Do not open until Christmas day.
On Christmas day they opened the gift we had sent to discover that they were going to be grandparents for the first time!
What a fantastic gift.
Baby Joy loves helping out and will always try to make all our gifts that little bit extra special so please contact us and we will try our very best to help.
If you live outside the UK we can send gifts for you to friends or family here in the UK which saves you time and money on postage and later shipping dates.
Our last UK shipping date For Christmas delivery is 20th December.

4 facts about newborn babies senses

September 5, 2011 — Category: Baby Products — Written by natalie

The 5 senses are sight, smell, hearing touch and taste are all present at birth and develop over the years but here are a few facts that you might not know.

The newborn baby’s visual field is 8-9 inches this is just the right distance for the newborn to see mum’s face when feeding from the breast or bottle to start the bonding process.

Newborn babies hearing is dampened during the first couple of days due to the middle ear being full of amniotic fluid this gradually improves when it is absorbed or evaporates over the first couple of days.

The newborn baby’s sense of smell is not as well developed as other animals but the human newborn shows preference to the smell and taste of their own mother’s milk and her own personal smell.

The newborns sense of touch is highly developed at birth and even before that when they are in the uterus the baby will often kick out if a flat hand is placed onto mother’s tummy before birth.

So the senses are a very important part of a newborn baby’s life and how they make sense of the world around them so choose a gift that nurtures and develops these very special skills.

Choose toys that are bright and colourful, make a noise or even have a smell built in.

Different textures are also a great way of stimulating them as well.

Make learning fun it is never to early to start.

Twin new babies gift baskets

August 20, 2011 — Category: Baby Products — Written by natalie

What do you buy as a gift for twins, do you buy matching or buy them some thing totally different to show that they are individuals but they are twins they have shared everything from the start of the pregnancy so they will always have a special bond.

Baby Joy Gifts has a special range of twin gift baskets to celebrate the special arrival of twins.

We also have a huge range of baby gifts that can be chosen that are similar but slightly different to show that they are different people in the making.

People have many sayings for twins these include double trouble, two peas in a pod and twin- tastic are just a few of them.

I found this poem about twins which I love it highlights what twins mean to me.
Hearts entwined
Twenty fingers, twenty toes,
two sweet babies with cheeks of rose.
Born on the same day, two gifts from above,
lives entwined, two babies to love.
~Author Unknown

Twins are special, two little people who have grown up together and shared everything and double the fun.

What does your baby need to sleep in?

August 15, 2011 — Category: Baby Products — Written by natalie

Your baby will eventually sleep in a cot so you can skip the expense of a Moses basket and go straight for the cot.


To buy new or second hand?

You do not need to spend money on towels or blankets and bedding for the new baby you can use yours or buy second hand just use a non-bio washing powder and give it a good wash and dry on the line.

Don’t waste money on baby books have a wonder round a local car boot sale or charity shop you will find most things that any new baby needs.

For example a baby bath as long as it has no damage give it a good clean and it’s as good as one you have just bought from a shop at a fraction of the price.

You can also buy good quality baby clothing just give it a wash and it is the same as you spending a fortune on new clothing after it’s first wash which many new mum’s do anyway.

Babies grow so quickly that it has more than likely only been worn a few times and you might even find some unworn items if you look carefully.

The National Childbirth Trust Nearly holds New Sales in most parts of the country which is also a great way to buy good quality used baby items as they check all items and will not sell any broken, damaged or items that should not be re-used  like mattresses.

If you prefer to buy new, how can you save money?

Shop around, buy budget brands and never miss sale supermarkets like George at ASDA, and Tesco sell stylish baby clothes for a lot less than Baby Gap. Ikea sell most nursery items that will be a bargain compared to the equivalent item at Mothercare or Boots, too.

Shop on-line eBay, pre loved or on line stores so you can compare prices great for larger items as delivered to your door.

Supermarkets and shops like Poundland or Wilkinsons are great for basic items as they have many offers on nappies, baby wipes nappy creams so shop around again look online to see what offers the supermarkets have to save visiting them all.

Lamaze New Baby Gifts

August 6, 2011 — Category: Baby Products — Written by natalie

Lamaze is one of the leading soft toy manufactures and the Lamaze Infant Development System is a great introduction for parents and children to a comprehensive system of soft toys based on Lamaze International’s philosophy of healthy parenting.  Lamaze understand that what matters most to parents is keeping their children healthy, happy, and safe.  Designed in conjunction with child development experts, Lamaze toys engage babies and provide parents with peace of mind.
We now stock a lovely range of fun soft toys that are all suitable from birth and make a fantastic new baby gift for any new arrival.

You can choose from

Lamaze Sophie the Princess …. For all new princess out there

Royalty never looked (or felt) so good! Princess Sophie holds her jewels (clacking beads) in her hands for baby to play with and her skirt crinkles to keep baby’s interest. Her bold colours and contrast prints help with visual stimulation and development.

Baby’s first princess doll features a crinkly dress, clinky rings, and interesting sounds and textures.

Lamaze Rusty the Robot ….for any little boy as boys love gadgets.

Rusty is Full of developmental features that capture baby’s imagination and stimulate the senses.

Two sides of play! Rusty’s ratcheting head allows you to mix and match his body. Features crinkle, ribbons, clanking rings, busy beads, and a discovery mirror.

Lamaze Sir Prance-a-lot… for any budding knight in shinning armour or  princess who needs a hero….

Play & Grow Lamaze Sir Prance a Lot

Make way for this honourable stallion! Featuring colourful satin ribbon, patterns, textures and crinkles, baby will adore this cute plush pony, while mum will love its visual and tactile developmental features! With an accompanying squeaky knight and four knotty activity legs, Sir Prance-a-lot is sure to capture baby’s imagination and stimulate the senses. All Lamaze link toys attaches to play mats, nappy bags, and pram/pushchair or car seat for on-the-go fun from Birth to 24 months.

A great baby gift idea and something that little bit different.

We also have the wonderful Lamaze Puppytunes

He is Adorable dog character with a different note in each of his four legs.

He comes with a songbook to play merry melodies. A lovely Soft, vanilla scent is released when touched which is baby friendly.

What a lovely new baby gift to stimulate all the senses and a lovely gift for a baby joining a musical family.

We here at  Baby Joy love this range we hope you do too.

Baby Joy Gifts are proud to stock Diinglisar new baby gift sets.

July 22, 2011 — Category: Baby Products — Written by natalie

Diinglisar baby gifts wild an sweet are another great product range from the great family run Swedish company Teddykompaniet which is  well known and respected for its high quality soft toys, made to suit children of all ages and from birth.

New Baby GiftsThe company has been designing soft toys for the last 15 years. All products are manufactured according to Swedish and European safety standards and they are machine washable 40 degrees (except musical toys).

The idea behind the Diinglisar sweet and Diinglisar Wild products is that a child can grow up with their favourite animal friend. A baby will play with the rattle and the pram toy, listen to the musical animal and be comfort the softness of the cuddle blanket

Each new baby gift set come with coordinating rattle, comforter and very extremely cute booties with 8 lovely animals to choose from which is you’re favourite?

Sweet range includes a mouse, cat, cow and rabbit and the wild range members are a giraffe, lion tiger and not forgetting the elephant as elephants never forget so they say.

This is truly a fantastic and fun gift set for any new arrival which will really bring a smile to any new parents face make their day with a Diinglisar gift set and show you care.

All gift sets are presented in a lovely gift box and contains the following items:

- Soft Rattle
- Cuddly Comforter
- Pair of soft first sizes Booties

Each baby gift is wrapped and delivered with your very own personalised message what more can you ask for a great product at a good price with no fuss or queuing at the post office in your lunch hour.

Baby Joy Gifts can offer you this brilliant time saving service place your order then sit back and have a well deserved tea or coffee break and wait for the thank you call.

Baby Joy Gifts is an online new baby gifts website located in the UK offering direct shipment of baby gifts with your very own personal message added free of charge Baby Joy has a large range of baby gifts to suit all budgets and gifts for mum, dad and siblings too.

Baby Joy now stocks a lovely range of bath time toys to make bath times fun

July 12, 2011 — Category: Baby Products — Written by natalie

We have a lovely range of fun bath time toys for girls and boys from 6 months upwards.

sibling gifts

The range starts with Farm or Jungle squirters for the tub

They are really soft, chubby toys which are very colourful and are the perfect gift for any youngster. All Squirters are made with non toxic materials they are the perfect size for little hands to hold and squeeze.

The range also has gifts for older children for boys ,Rub a Dub - Dirty Cars, this is great fun at bath time, It’s a funky car wash, in your bath.

Dip the two cars in warm water to watch the dirt disappear, when the car cools the dirt comes back for another washing.

Suitable for age: 2 years and above

For the girls Fairies in the Tub Bath Squirters, a really great gift for little girls, come and make a secret wish with the fairy squirter, she lives on a flower that floats in the bath, making bath time really fun.

Sibling gifts

Come and blow bubbles with the foam fairy wand, this wonderful gift comes complete with tear-free bubble solution (133ml) and two special fun wands.
Suitable for age: 2 years fun, a bathtime gift making baths fun.

For the budding builder a Construction Squirters For The Tub gift set
This great gift for any budding construction fan, making a really great sibiling gift too.

Five really soft, chunky squirters make bath time a really great fun time, this constructive set includes a really handy suction cup mesh bag, for drying and easy storage of the .
again made from relly high quality non-toxic materials and suitable for ages 6 months upwards.

We also have stickers for the tub which are chubby, playable foam shapes that are really easy for little hands to hold and stick to the bath or tiles when wet.
We now stock the beach stickers and pet fashion both which can be used time after time for endless fun.

Both are suitable for ages 2 years plus and each set contains a PVC bag for storage.
These gifts make a great sibling gift or a great birthday gift which can be sent direct with your own message to make it extra special so have a look today

Have fun browsing…

Organic New Born Baby Gifts: The Natural Choice!

April 11, 2011 — Category: Baby Products — Written by natalie

If you’re struggling to choose new born baby gifts for friends or family, consider organic presents. You’ll find there are lots of gorgeous, natural presents to choose from.

And you’ll have peace of mind that whatever you choose does not contain any potentially harmful chemicals. Equally, because babies’ skins can be sensitive, and infants tend to put anything and everything in their mouth, some clothes, toys and other items may cause allergies or other adverse reactions.

When it comes to organic baby presents, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice. For example, you could go for a personalised baby hamper packed with natural goodies from cotton clothes to bath products. Everything will be completely natural, with no harsh ingredients, for example, shampoo and soap which won’t sting baby’s eyes.

A baby hamper may also contain toys, towels, bibs and face clothes – you’ll find a range of gorgeously cute designs to choose from. And, if you shop online, you can save time and money, and the retailer can deliver your present to the recipient’s door -  ideal if you don’t live nearby.

At Baby Joy Gifts, we specialise in presents for newborns, including a great selection of organic gifts and delivery UK-wide. Just make your selection, add a personal message and you’re done!

Our organic range includes the most delightfully cute clothes from robes to bodysuits, along with towels, blankets, wash mitts and a gorgeous Moses basket. Make your selection from our website today.

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