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Your 3 month old baby

August 24, 2013 — Category: Baby related — Written by Craig B

Your baby will now have his own very individual personality and you will find it a lot easier to know that your baby is telling you.

You are probably in a good routine and all getting more sleep.

It’s a great time as you are now feeling more relaxed and settled in you new role as a parent.

Posture and large movement

In the supine position the baby now prefers to lie with head midline.

Baby will now kick vigorously making putting socks difficult.

If pulled into a sitting position little or no head lag now.

In ventral suspension the baby will now hold head well above the line of the body with hips and shoulders extended.

If placed in prone position they will lift head and even upper chest off surface

When held in a sitting position back will be straight except lumbar region.

Eyes and vision

Baby is now very visually alert.

Baby will move head deliberately to look around the room.

They will now watch movement of their own hands and engages in finger play beginning to clasp and unclasp hands and pressing palms together.

Baby will now hold a object when placed into hand

Most babies are starting to recognize mum and dad or other very familiar faces.


Sudden load noises will still distress them.

Baby will smile or quiet down to mother’s voice.

Baby will be vocal when spoken too or when happy.

You will see baby suck or lick their lips in response to feeding or when hungry. They will also fix onto mothers face unblinkingly when feeding.

Deaf babies may be startled by your sudden appearance.

Your baby will now react to familiar situations by showing you with a smile or a coo and show excitement by making fast arm and leg movements they will also enjoy bath time and caring routines like nappy changing and feeding.

Your One month old baby

August 17, 2013 — Category: Baby related — Written by natalie

The one month old baby is developing quickly as muscles are getting stronger and senses more developed. It’s an exciting time for new parents as they feel that their new baby is starting to interact and respond to them.

The bonding process is well underway.

Posture and large movement

Baby is now making large jerky movements of limbs arms are more active than legs.

Baby will lie in supine position head to one side, arm and leg on face side will be out stretched, or both arm flexed; knees apart soles of feet turned inwards.

When you touch babies cheek he/she will turn and try to suck finger.

When ear touched baby will turn away.

If placed in prone position the baby will turn head immediately to side and will move arms and legs away from the body, buttocks moderately high

Prone Position

Prone Position

If held in the ventral position the baby will hold his head in line with body now but arms and legs may still hang downwards.

Eyes and Vision

Baby will now turn to light source being a window or artificial light but will shut eyes when a a light is shone directly into them.

Pupils react to light.

Babies gaze can be caught and held if in line of vision from 6-10 cm away from face.

Baby will follow movement.

Baby watches your face when feeding this is a great bonding opportunity so talk or sing to them from birth.

Baby Blinks from 6-8 weeks


Baby is startled by sudden noises

Baby will usually turns toward sound or voice but not when screaming or feeding. But will normally stop crying if picked up and spoken to in a soft voice.

This is a very important time in any new parents and babies life you must not rush your very special time together so don’t answer the phone or the door it can all wait and enjoy just being together as a family.

Your newborn Baby

August 10, 2013 — Category: Baby related — Written by Eleanor

The new born baby has many reflexes at birth that we don’t really think about but are very important.

These reflexes are closely dependent not only upon babies’ maturity for example if the baby was born full Term or premature will play a big part as well as any underlining medical conditions or even the time of day if the baby is hungry or sleepy.

New born posture and large movements

Ventral Suspension – if baby is held in a ventral suspension (you hold the baby around body with arms and legs hanging down the head droops below the body.

Ventral Suspension

Ventral Suspension

The Moro – or startled reflex is when you support the babies body and head equally and carefully but suddenly make a small dropping movement the baby will throw their arm out.

Moro Reflex

Moro Reflex

Pulled to sitting – when the baby is laying down and you pull them into a sitting position you will notice a marked head lag as the muscles of the neck are not strong enough.

Pulled to sitting

Pulled to sitting

Held upright under arms – if held in a upright suspension under arms the muscles of the shoulder and upper arms demonstrate good tone and power by holding symmetrically for several seconds for giving way placing reactions, primary walking and extension of legs to pressure on the soles of the feet are demonstrated anthe the toes or if pressure is put on palm of the hand the fingers or toes will grip around the pressure this is know as the palmar and planter grasp reflex. palmar and planter grasp reflex

Palmar and Planter grasp

Palmar and Planter grasp

The ears and eyes of a newborn

1. The newborn will root for the mothers breast at birth looking for milk he can also suck, swallow.

2. Pupils will react to light from birth with optical closure to sudden bright light.

3. Baby will blink or open eyes to sudden sound.

  1. Open eyes when held in a upright position.

A few of the reflexes present at birth will disappear within a few days but many will stay with new ones developing in the coming weeks.

All newborns are amazing but all are individual.

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