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November 16, 2013 — Category: Baby Gifts — Written by Adam

All women love to shop well that’s what most men think but most of us mums are too busy running around being a taxi service for our children who have a much better social life than us, cleaning the house , working as well as supporting and boosting our husbands egos.

Most shopping trips are a mad dash to grab the essentials in the shortest time possible before the kids or husband (or both) start complaining so when we do get to go shopping lets make the most of it by making a day of it at a slow relaxed pace with the odd coffee break and a lovely relaxed lunch with no screaming children.

Get dresses up turn your phone to silent walk tall and enjoy!

It may only be once a year but it will be worth every moment of YOU time you might be a mum, wife, house keeper and taxi driver but just for once be true to yourself selfish maybe but recharge your batteries in style a change is as good as a rest they say.

You can also make a night of it by turning off your phone putting the children to bed getting a glass of your favourite wine and putting on one of your CD’s.

Then sit down in a cosy room with your laptop and shop it may be for you, family or friends but it can be relaxing and fun.

It’s that easy why not have bundles of joy shopping in what ever way have fits into your lifestyle and you don’t have to battle round the shops carry the bags or even fight for a car parking space if you need to buy a gift for a new baby why not have a look at newborn baby gifts boxes for great baby gifts ideas.

Bridget Jones role model to mums

November 8, 2013 — Category: Baby Products — Written by Diane

Christmas is only 7 weeks away does this fill you with dread or are you one of those people who just love Christmas and are supper organised.

Well I fall into the Bridget Jones type of person who thinks I have all the time in the world then panics the week before and end up spending more than I had intended or a gift that I am not sure about or what to buy as a baby gift for a friend.

I have just finished reading Mad about the Boy, the third book in the Bridget Jones series, which I treated myself to as early Christmas present and found it hard to put down.

It has been lovely catching up with this lovely character or old friend who has now become a mother and has had to deal with loosing Husband, Mark Darcy and trying to get her own life back on track juggling children, work and friends in the only clumsy way Bridget can.

We can all identify with Bridget and she somehow makes us all feel better about ourselves so we can sit back feeling slightly smug as our life is not as bad as hers.

Bridget now has twitter, face book and texting to make her life even more complicated and she also has to deal with getting older.

Bridget spends hours ‘faffing about but never actually getting anywhere which I think most mums feel like on some days but we don’t like to admit to it.

We also write endless lists just like Bridget than never get completed just added too but the one thing that we should all learn from Bridget is never give in we all make mistakes but time heals everything and life changes or takes a unexpected direction but as we all need to remember life goes on so lets live it to the full and enjoy being mums.

A book to enjoy and LOL with and makes a great gift for a new mum as we all get it wrong sometimes just not as much as Bridget hopefully.

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