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Don’t Forget Dad!

December 25, 2008 — Category: Baby Advice — Written by Diane

It can often be the case that in the excitement of a new baby being born the dad often gets forgotten in all the fervour and fuss surrounding the mother and baby. Family and friends will descend upon the new parents in a rugby scrum of activity bearing gifts for baby and mum but sadly forgetting the poor dad who often finds himself relegated to making cups of tea for visitors.

When looking at gifts and ways to help consider the father as well. Gone are the days when dads take a back seat in child care. Most are involved in sharing the feeds, rolling up their sleeves and changing nappies as well as mucking in with the household chores. Although it’s natural for the mother to dominate the upbringing of the baby in the early months and years dad is becoming more vocal in his opinions of how the child should be raised and has the benefit of having a more objective view.

There are some great books aimed specifically at dads which make lovely gifts when the baby is born with advice on how to deal with the experience of perhaps becoming a father for the first time, milestones in their baby’s development and how to support mum.

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