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Don’t worry

July 29, 2009 — Category: Baby Ideas — Written by Diane

Once you are at home with your new baby, it is inevitable that worry will creep in. You are starting a whole new way of life and it would be strange if this didn’t cause anxiety. All new parents, both mums and dads worry about how their baby is when they are sleeping – having to check that they are still ok is a natural part of being a new parent. Worrying about their feeding – are they having enough or too much is also standard for new parents. Small babies depend entirely on their parents but can’t explain anything, so new parents spend a lot of time learning to understand their new baby.

The other side of the coin is that you will discover new things about yourself that you never imagined. As you face the demands the baby makes, so you find that you are taking on the responsibilities that seemed so daunting at first. Learning is a natural human function and you will be learning from your baby as much as the baby is learning about the world they have arrived in.

You have the advantage over the baby as well that you can ask other people for help and explain to them what you are finding difficult, so you can get advice from relatives and friends who will also help by bringing all sorts of baby gifts for the child.

And the biggest thing you will discover is how great your capacity to love is, there is nothing like a baby to bring this out.

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