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Easter traditions

April 15, 2009 — Category: Baby Gifts, Baby Ideas — Written by Kelly

Easter time has traditionally been a time for wearing new clothes. There is more than one explanation for this, representing different aspects of Christianity, and as time went on, the tradition altered so that Easter bonnets became the tradition.

You can share in this tradition with your baby or toddler by buying a new outfit for them to wear in the post-Easter sales. Small babies cannot have the chocolates that most of us enjoy, so a new outfit can be their share in the Easter celebrations.

Another way of including babies is to give them baby gifts or a soft toy such as a teddy or rabbit, which is another traditional emblem of Easter.

Older children can enjoy hot cross buns. Toddlers can enjoy a chocolate egg with the rest of us, and you will gain great pleasure from sharing in their excitement and enjoyment. If you don’t want to overload your toddler with chocolate then how about decorating cooled hard boiled eggs for them?
Don’t forget that the best way to enjoy giving your toddler their egg, whether chocolate or a decorated hard boiled egg, is to create an Easter treasure hunt so that they have to search for the reward of their egg through the clues you give them. Make sure that the clue is easy enough for their age group – it doesn’t have to be written, it could be a drawing.

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