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Entertaining your toddler

April 20, 2009 — Category: Baby Advice — Written by Diane

You might feel that it is impossible for one parent to be in two places at once, with a small baby who needs feeding, changing and cuddling, and with a toddler who wants to be entertained. It can be easy to think that just keeping your toddler amused isn’t as important as the needs your small baby has, but you do need to remember that the needs of your toddler are just as important in a different way.

Your toddler is not constantly demanding your attention because they are naughty, but because they really do need your guidance in order to direct their activities. Young children have a fairly short attention span, which is why they cannot concentrate on anything for too long and come back to you asking for another activity.

One idea to fill a gap is to gently lay your baby on a large piece of paper on the floor – if you have any left-over wallpaper this would be ideal – and help your toddler to draw carefully around them. Once you have the outline, you can give your toddler some crayons, sticky paper, or if you have them, scraps of material and paste, and while you are feeding or changing the baby, your toddler can be drawing in their face or sticking on and colouring the clothes.

This way, you are both “looking after” your babies, and your toddler will be entertained and will not feel left out.

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