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Essential Baby Bits and Bobs

October 31, 2008 — Category: Baby Products — Written by Diane

If you’re expecting a baby the essential items such as a pram, car seat and cot are often bought first. At this point you may sit back in relief thinking you’ve got everything covered. However it is amazing how many things you require to set yourself up for the new arrival from a practical point of view and often the smaller items such as baby baths, nursery toys and baby changing equipment are the ones that can be forgotten.

Bath time for your baby can become a stressful experience if you don’t have a specifically designed baby bath. Babies cannot support themselves so it can be difficult to manage without a baby bath to keep them confined and safe. A soft fleecy baby towel is also a good idea to wrap around the baby to keep them warm.

Another great baby gadget is the baby sling. This allows you to manoeuvre around the house with both hands free. Most babies will love being so close to you and will find the contact soothing. They are also convenient if you’re just nipping to the local shop and want to avoid getting out the pram and any paraphernalia associated with it.

Other items that you will find useful are a changing bag, a baby monitor and a grooming kit. You’ll need baby toys for the crib, the pram and car seat. Make a list of all the smaller items you need and let family and friends buy you the items as baby gifts. That way when you bring the baby home you’ll have everything prepared.

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