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Fine motor development of babies

September 20, 2013 — Category: Baby Advice — Written by natalie

The main development of fine motor development are

The Palmer grasp at 6 months involves the baby using his whole hand the baby can now pick up large toys or finger foods by wrapping their hand around the object this can still be a bit clumsy and they might not always find their mouth so can be a messy experience but a very important skill for baby to experience and develop.

Pointing with the index finger normally develops at around 9 months baby can now point to a object or person in a very defendant way I played a game with both my children to develop this skill and language, I would put them on my lap facing me and I would ask them to point to parts of my face starting with nose and lips and then moving on to more difficult features when they had mastered them like chin, ears and eyes but be careful with this one as you might get a little finger in your eye ouch!

Pincer grasp has moved on greatly by 12 months baby can now pick up much smaller items using the thumb and first finger baby is keen to start feeding themselves and my children loved emptying the toy box or kitchen cupboard to practice this skill on a daily basis.

Picking up small object at 15 months the baby can now pick up very small items now in a very skilled action using the tips of the thumb and first finger my daughter showed this skill off when having a development test with her health visitor who had placed a small brick on the floor in front of her to see if she could pick it up she looked at her for a moment studying her face the picked up a bit of fluff of the carpet and gave it to her.

That’s my girl!

All children develop at different rates and this is just a guide but it’s important to let them develop it by letting them experience as many different textures, shapes and object as possible in a safe environment and trying different foods encourages this as well as foods all feel different and making a mess is all about learning.

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