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Getting ready for your newborn’s arrival

June 1, 2009 — Category: Baby Advice, Baby Gifts, Baby Ideas — Written by Diane

Once you know that you are pregnant there is a blissful period when you dream about what it will be like with a beautiful baby and lots of time to enjoy them in a relaxed and calm atmosphere. You’ll probably find that once people know about it they can’t resist telling you how awful it will be, with sleepless nights, nappy changing and crying.

However true this may be, the other side of it is the experience of a completely different way of looking at life, so that the sleepless nights and all the rest of it are part of the package and become in their own way a satisfying experience, if not immediately enjoyable.

What you can do to prolong the pleasant expectations is to plan what you will need for the baby and have a baby gift list ready for when friends and relatives ask what you would like for the newborn baby. Spend this preparation time looking in shops and on websites to see what gifts for babies are out there – you will probably find that there is much more than you had thought, from organic baby clothes to new baby gift baskets to treats for yourself and your partner to not-being-left-out presents for older brothers and sisters.

Enjoy the expectation while you have it, and then prepare to enjoy the reality.

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