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Gifts for older brothers or sisters

March 10, 2009 — Category: Baby Advice, Baby Gifts — Written by Diane

One of the features of bringing your new baby home is how to introduce the new brother or sister to your older child. If you have a son or daughter who is at nursery or school and can understand what is happening, it is easier to explain to them directly. Smaller children, who haven’t developed a lot of speech yet, will find it more difficult to understand why they have to share their mummy and daddy.

If you are lucky, relatives and friends will remember to bring a little gift for your older child as well as new baby gifts, but if not, don’t be embarrassed to ask someone close to you to bring a small something for the older child. Having their own present at the same time as their new baby sister or brother will make it easier for them to accept the attention and gifts that are being given to the new baby.

Exchanging gifts between the new baby and the older child can also be helpful – before the baby is born your older child could buy a small gift to give to the new baby when it arrives, and you could also have a gift from the baby ready for its older sister or brother when you return from hospital.

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