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Gifts for Twins

December 22, 2008 — Category: Baby Gifts — Written by Diane

What do you buy parents to be who are expecting not just one baby but two or more? There is no debate that parent to be of multiple babies need as much help in the form of baby gifts as they can get. In some instances the need will boil down to quality but in other areas they will simply need sheer volume. If you are struggling for practical and useful ideas then here are some guidelines to help:

It goes without saying that possibly the best gift you can offer is that of another pair of hands! In the early days it is natural for new parents to be caught off guard by the arrival of multiple mouths to feed and bottoms to change. It can feel quite chaotic at first until the parents find a routine that suits so all help will be gladly welcomed. Offer to run errands or to help mum on her shopping trips. Supply homemade cooked food for the parents to warm up or help out with the chores to give them a break. Be direct and offer help as many parents might be shy of inconveniencing others.

Another practical gift is that of nappies. Multiple sets of babies go through nappies like wild fire so extra supplies will be warmly received. Before you go filling up your shopping trolley with more multi-packs of nappies, double check whether the parents are going down the disposable route or prefer cloth nappies.
Another good idea is to buy a nursing pillow for mum whether she’s breast feeding or not. It will help her to support the babies and if she is breast feeding enables her to feed both at the same time. While we’re on the subject of mum, anything that gives her a treat after the birth such as spa days, massage or aromatherapy burners will be a lovely gift.

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