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Gifts that welcome a baby into the world

August 6, 2009 — Category: Baby Gifts — Written by Diane

A new born baby is always adorable. Whether it is your best friend or one of your co-workers who has given birth to a baby recently, you should give the perfect baby present to welcome the baby into the world. There are some popular baby presents that you can give to the baby.

Baby presents that will make a baby feel welcomed
One gift that you can give to the baby is a time capsule that preserves all the memories of when the baby was born. It could consist of a teddy bear and could also include a baby memories set which would include an album or video tape of the lives of the parents, the baby’s home and close relatives and friends of the family. This is a good present as it can be cherished by the baby as he or she grows up. It will show him or her the world that they were born into. There can also be memorabilia of the baby when he or she was small. It can also consist of a scrap book that contains all the well wishes of people when the baby was born.

Another popular gift for a newborn is a ‘baby first bank keepsake gift’. This gift allows the parents to record the major milestones in their baby’s life such as their first tooth, their first haircut or their first piggy bank.

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