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Help with the new baby

March 3, 2009 — Category: Baby Advice — Written by Diane

No matter how competent and successful a woman has been at work, it is not unusual for her to have a complete crisis of confidence at the point of walking through the front door of her home with a few-days-old baby. Your partner will probably be feeling even worse, having not had even the few days in hospital with other mothers and hospital staff around.

Try not to panic and remember - all the other new parents you met at ante-natal classes and in the hospital will be feeling exactly the same. And don’t forget – you probably had the same effect on your parents when you were born, and both you and they survived.

There are some things you can do to help yourself feel better.

If you can, try to collect contact details of people you get on well with while you are at the ante-natal classes or in hospital, then you can have a personal “hotline” to ring when feeling out of your depth, or just for a confidence boosting chat.

Share the baby with your partner – he is as much a part of parenthood as you, and as you share the tasks, it will be so much easier to learn together, rather than on your own.

Grandmothers can be wonderful people at this stage, but it may be a good idea to postpone their help until you partner is back at work and you are looking after your baby on your own – this could be when you really appreciate having her around.

Enjoy the gifts you will be sure to receive for your new baby and think of each one of them as an expression of the confidence your friends and relatives have in you, and which you will find developing in yourself.

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