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Helping your baby sleep

February 10, 2009 — Category: Baby Advice — Written by Adam

One of the biggest worries for new parents with a newborn is how will they encourage the baby to sleep throughout the night. Babies shouldn’t be allowed to cry under the age of six months and after that you should only leave the baby for ten minutes.

However when settling a baby into a routine, you have to expect some tears. To start with, place the baby in the cot on their side making sure they can’t see you. They won’t remain in this position as you’ll move them onto their back once sleeping. In the meantime you will stay in the room to ensure they come to no harm. Check the time and give them fifteen minutes to settle.

At this point they are likely to cry. If they do, soothe them by placing a hand on their shoulder, stroke their back or gently pat their bottom.

If they carry on crying pick them up and cuddle them, making sure you don’t rock them to sleep. It’s when babies wake to find you not there after falling asleep in your arms that they get upset.

Once the baby is calm, repeat the process again until the baby settles. Once the baby is asleep roll the baby onto their back. You can also introduce soothing music to the routine as this will start to signal it’s time to sleep. If family and friends are asking for ideas for baby gifts a baby relaxation CD or a mobile that plays soothing music would be a good idea.

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