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Holidays with toddlers

July 27, 2009 — Category: Baby Advice — Written by Diane

Going on holiday is so enjoyable for adults that it can be hard to remember that for small children this may be a daunting experience. Suddenly they are whisked away from home and familiarity to a new place with all new things to look at and get used to.

So if your toddler is a bit crotchety or unhappy, don’t be impatient with them, but understand their anxiety and give them some reassurance.

Some children become totally attached to a comforter, or ‘happy’ baby gifts they have been given. They may find a blanket or toy and become inseparable with it or you could give them a purpose made toy/blanket comforter.

Toddlers can get a lot of comfort from something familiar like this, so make sure it is with them while you are travelling and when you arrive at your holiday. You will find it much easier to keep your toddler happy when they have it with them and you can talk about what ‘bunny thinks of this place’ to encourage your toddler.

Once they get over their initial apprehension, small children are great fun to travel with as they see everything new and interesting and so you get even more pleasure from sharing it all with them.

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