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Home alone with baby

January 27, 2009 — Category: Baby Advice — Written by Kelly

Being with your baby at home for the first time is a wonderful experience. You may feel a little anxious about the responsibility you have taken on and this is a very normal feeling. Parents that are experienced at looking after children still have that apprehensive feeling with a newborn baby so don’t worry.

A look around at all the cards and new baby gifts will reassure you that there are people that love and support you. You should see this as a special time, a time where you can really get to know your baby. You will spend a lot of time just looking at him/her anyway.

The great thing about this time at home is that you can learn how your baby behaves. You can learn the sleeping patterns and the feeding times. You will get to know what works and what doesn’t when comforting your loved one. All you are looking to do is to learn how to keep your baby safe and well.

A well baby will behave in certain ways. They will initially sleep a great deal and be settled. Their wake ups will invariably be about feeding and once fed should be contented.

When fed, babies tend to lie awake for a while before falling asleep again. They often cry because of hunger, loneliness or discomfort and you will attend to these displeasures naturally. A newborn baby is beautiful thing and learning to live with one is a challenging but very uplifting experience.

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