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How to get baby to sleep?

January 25, 2009 — Category: Baby Advice — Written by Adam

There is unsurpassable joy at having a newborn baby around, you just can’t stop looking at them and you can’t believe how small their tiny hands, feet and noses can be.

When they cry it’s easy to blame yourself and become worried that you haven’t done something right, but don’t feel this way, babies haven’t much option but to cry and there are plenty of ways to soothe them.

Tired babies will often cry through lack of sleep. An over-stimulated baby may get tired and need rest and you may try to sing, talk and jiggle your baby to sleep although this may not always work.

You could try putting them in an environment that they are used to. Training your baby to sleep in prams, cots and cribs may be the answer to getting them off to sleep.

Someone may have given you a crib as a new baby gift and it may be just a matter of getting your baby used to sleeping in it.

Massaging your baby can be an excellent way of soothing your baby to sleep. Soothing massage oils which keep your baby’s skin soft and protected could be used to calm your baby to sleep.

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