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How Your Baby Develops Up to Six Months

December 14, 2008 — Category: Baby Advice — Written by Kelly

In the newborn stage it may seem that your baby is only interested in sleeping eating and filling their nappy.  Toys don’t seem to be of interest but this can rapidly change in the months that follow.

From one to three months the baby will start to move around more in the crib and baby bouncer.  They start to discover their hands and feet and will start to make baby noises.  They start to smile now and will follow the sound of mum or dad’s voice around the room.  They will enjoy seeing their own face in mirrors as well as brightly coloured toys and mobiles in their cots.  Toys with bright colours and different textures are great choices for baby gifts at this stage as they provide stimulation to the baby’s developing senses.

From three to six months you’ll a big acceleration in growth.  By the end of month three your baby will open and close its hands, hold it head up and start reaching out more.  They will also start to imitate sounds that they hear.  They recognize faces and will smile and coo when you enter the room.  At month five and six your baby will be rolling over, using a cup to drink and making two syllable noises.  Baby proof the home at this stage as crawling could start!

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