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It is easier when working together

June 8, 2009 — Category: Baby Ideas — Written by Diane

One of the hardest things to achieve after your baby has arrived is to get back your shape. Just as you are on a steep learning curve with the new baby and finding yourself exhausted from broken nights and breastfeeding, as well as all the nappy changing and washing, you want to find the time and energy to exercise. The temptation to give up and to eat easy-cook meals may lead to even less energy and less chance of getting your figure back.

One way round this is to link up with other new mums who are in the same position as you. There is nothing quite like mutual support and encouragement from other people who know what you are going through. The advantage is that there is usually someone who is up when others are down, so you all get a turn in being encouraged or being the encourager. You can also share baby gifts for the babies.

Arranging some brisk walks together with your babies in buggies would be a good start; you don’t have to invest in expensive gym memberships and you could arrange swimming sessions together – lots of pools have mother and baby sessions. You could take it in turns to have a proper swim while the others look after the babies, always remembering the important safety rules for babies near water!
You will be surprised how much easier it all is when you have company.

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