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Lack of sleep…

March 30, 2011 — Category: Baby Advice — Written by natalie

The first few months are hard I will not lie

You will be tired like you have never been before.

New mum’s are still trying to recover from the birth,hormone rush or even baby blues.

The one most important thing is the 3 R’S routine, routine and routine.

Try to gently get yourself and baby into a daily routine make night and day different it sound simple but babies do not know we have to show them follow the tips below

During night feeds keep lights low, no TV or music on, change nappy feed

If baby is bottle fed make sure that you have  the bottle made up and get your partner to warm it up while you are changing the nappy  feed baby with out rushing them then  wind you can all then happily get back to sleep

Let baby learn to settle themselves in the cot next to you from the start it will make life easier in the future.

The baby will slowly fall into this routine which means you will get your much needed sleep quicker and means you have more energy in the day so you both benefit.

The best baby gifts ever is sleep zzzzzzz.

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