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Look Who’s Talking

February 9, 2009 — Category: Baby Gifts — Written by Kelly

Another great baby gift idea is to buy the parents a course of baby classes. There are a variety of classes out there that are designed to encourage parents and baby to bond and a widely available option now is Baby Signing.

Baby signing teaches parents how to communicate with their baby before they start to speak by introducing the parents to simple signs. There are a variety of signs that can be taught to use with hearing babies of six months and above.

These simple signs enable a baby to communicate with their parents as each one relates to a key word. Signs for words such as hot, cold, milk, food, finished, more, pain, daddy, mummy and thank you are taught enabling the baby to communicate basic needs. As courses progress other signs are introduced to communicate certain activities or animals.

The classes are designed to be fun and the baby’s attention is grabbed through using percussion instruments, singing, pictures and other props which relate to the signs. The signs can also be incorporated into nursery rhymes to reinforce them.

The main benefit of introducing signing before a baby can speak is that it significantly speeds up the speech development. There is also less frustration experienced by babies as they can use signing to make themselves understood. Again it is a great way to encourage bonding and a fun, stimulating activity.

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