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Looking at you or the world

July 1, 2009 — Category: Baby Advice — Written by Diane

When you take your baby out in the pushchair, how do you decide whether to have them facing you or the way you are going? One of the delights of a baby is the eye contact you can have with them – even with a small baby you will find that eye contact with them gives you a feeling you can’t get from anything else. So if this is what you want, then have the baby in a pushchair that faces you so you can look at them and talk to them.

On the other hand, babies and small children are intensely interested in everything around them, so it makes sense to give them the opportunity to see all that is going on. This doesn’t mean that you can’t talk to them, you will just have to remember to lean over and chat each time you see something to interest them. Anything will do; it may sound a bit daft if you are not used to it, but say to your baby or toddler things like: “look at that blue car” or “did you see that big red bus?”

This not only strengthens you relationship with your small child, but also helps to build up their knowledge and interest in the world, as the shapes they see around them are explained. They can also play with the baby gifts that have been given to them by friends and relatives.

So, the answer really is to have the choice of facing forward or back and to decide when you are going out if you want to chat with your baby uninterrupted or to enjoy all the events going on around you together.

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