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Make the most of your time with your toddler

June 18, 2009 — Category: Baby Advice — Written by Adam

Sometimes it can seem that having a toddler is just hard work and that there is never time enough for all that needs doing. This is especially true when you have gone back to work after maternity leave, you have become so used to looking after your baby you suddenly realise you need to re-adjust to the outside world as well incorporate looking after your child with your work responsibilities.

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer, but you can do some things to help yourself. One is, slow down – don’t expect your toddler to keep up with the adult world of work. Once you are home, allow yourself to live at toddler speed so that you can enjoy all the daft little things they do and all the cuddles and affection that toddlers have to give.

If you find that dinner is late, or that the washing isn’t done, try not to get stressed about it, a late meal is better than not having one at all and the washing can be done tomorrow, but the moments when your toddler first achieves something, like a step, or a first word won’t happen again, you will be glad you were there to share it.

Yes, you will feel under pressure and worry about the strain that juggling work and a home life brings, but you need to remember how important it is to be there for your young child to share their most memorable moments.

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