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Making bath time a fun experience for your toddler

June 4, 2009 — Category: Baby Advice — Written by Craig B

Not all toddlers want to have a bath, they may be busy doing something else, or may be a bit nervous of the bath. It may not seem obviously frightening to you, but to a small child the bath seems big, and the taps and plumbing may be noisy with rushing water, and then there’s the plug that seems to suck everything away.

So making bath time fun and unscary is quite important to avoid upsets and tears. As you bath your toddler, try to make sure that you are holding them securely, so that they don’t have any fear of slipping under the water. And of course, you know that you have to make sure all the time that they are safe.

Talk to them about the bath and what fun the water is, and encourage them to make a few small splashes, but try to avoid splashing their face as most small children won’t like this. Bubble bath can also makes bath time far more exciting for a baby or small child.

Having some special bath toys will help, especially if they are kept just for bath time and not available at other times. It is always worth asking friends and relatives to ask for these toys as a gift for your baby. Boats that your toddler can pull along in the bath, or special bath time sticker toys are ideal as they are designed to be played with in the bath so won’t come to any harm.

As your toddler enjoys playing with their toys in the bath, you can be encouraging them to help with washing themselves, perhaps the boat can pull the soap up to them to use, or bring them the flannel. Before long, the tears and fears will be a thing of the past.

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