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Nappy changing

May 1, 2009 — Category: Baby Advice — Written by Diane

At first it seems a difficult thing to do – it’s a new skill you are learning and you can feel all fingers and thumbs as you try at the same time to hold your baby’s legs, clean and cream them and have the clean nappy ready to put on them. You soon find that it becomes second nature and you can change a nappy at speed. In fact you get through so many nappies at the start it is a good idea to ask for nappies as baby gifts before the baby is born.

But no sooner have you reached this happy stage than something happens – your baby starts to be uncooperative and instead of lying still while you change their nappy, they begin to object, to kick their legs and start to cry. So you have to learn another new skill, how to change a nappy against opposition. One thing that can help here is to distract your baby from what is going on. Have a few toys handy to show to your baby the moment they start protesting, such as a soft toy or a rattle.

As they get bigger and can hold toys, give the toy to them and talk to them about it so that they can share the interest in it. It might not always work, but you will get some easier nappy changing times as they forget to struggle against you.

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