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Rockers for babies

January 26, 2009 — Category: Baby Products — Written by Diane

A great gift for new parents is a baby rocker. As new baby gifts go, it might be something that others haven’t thought about and they make perfect surprise presents.

A baby chair or rocker provides the ideal spot to soothe and rest a tiny baby or one that can’t move around much yet. There are all kinds of different shapes and sizes of baby rocker out there so getting the right one as a baby gift could prove a challenge.

Rockers and chairs go from the top of the range, all-dancing versions to basic versions. The top of the range versions are ones like the Baby Björn Babysitter which is designed for tots and toddlers up to two years.

Interestingly baby rockers and chairs make excellent places to feed your baby their first solids. This is because they are comfy and baby can fall asleep immediately after a feed, once winded of course!

There are all kinds of gadgets available for baby rockers and chairs so you might want to think about the size of space that is going to be needed.

Check whether it is a travel rocker or whether the cover is washable. Some rockers need batteries to rock them so if you are thinking of buying one as a baby gift then remember the batteries too.

How to get baby to sleep?

January 25, 2009 — Category: Baby Advice — Written by Adam

There is unsurpassable joy at having a newborn baby around, you just can’t stop looking at them and you can’t believe how small their tiny hands, feet and noses can be.

When they cry it’s easy to blame yourself and become worried that you haven’t done something right, but don’t feel this way, babies haven’t much option but to cry and there are plenty of ways to soothe them.

Tired babies will often cry through lack of sleep. An over-stimulated baby may get tired and need rest and you may try to sing, talk and jiggle your baby to sleep although this may not always work.

You could try putting them in an environment that they are used to. Training your baby to sleep in prams, cots and cribs may be the answer to getting them off to sleep.

Someone may have given you a crib as a new baby gift and it may be just a matter of getting your baby used to sleeping in it.

Massaging your baby can be an excellent way of soothing your baby to sleep. Soothing massage oils which keep your baby’s skin soft and protected could be used to calm your baby to sleep.

Soft toys for babies

January 24, 2009 — Category: Baby Gifts — Written by Kelly

Ensuring an imaginative playtime for little ones whilst protecting them from any risk is a fine balance. This is where soft toys are such great fun. Playing with soft toys can help build up a baby’s reflexes and develop their hand-eye coordination.

Skills developed during play will help develop infants that are more prepared to move around independently. This inquisitive nature will hopefully grow into a richer appreciation for the baby’s environment.

Selecting a soft toy as a baby gift can mean choosing from anything from balls to dolls puppets and teddies or maybe a soft book for baby to explore? There are soft rattles too which can be used without the risk of any accidental injury.

Cloth toys make better choices for baby gifts rather than soft toys made out of fake fur or hair as these can become choking hazards when the infant explores the present.

Similarly try not to select gifts that have hard buttons or eyes that can easily be bitten or pulled off. Indeed, before selecting your baby gift you must check it over for any hazards or design flaws that might have been overlooked.

Shopping for a soft toy as a baby gift is an exciting and thought provoking event, made all the more meaningful when you see the child at play.

Cots for newborn babies

January 23, 2009 — Category: Baby Products — Written by Diane

Cot toys offer a means of exciting your baby’s senses whilst they rest and provide some amusement for your baby in an otherwise sparse location.

Whether you are a parent or a friend shopping for baby gifts there are a few things you should remember.

Did you know that newborns are short sighted? They can only focus on objects that are about 10 inches away with everything else a fussy haze.

Some experts say that newborn babies prefer to look at patterns that have high contrast, light and bright colours are more stimulating and different object can help to develop their vision.

Numerous cot toys include striking elements to their design which in turn helps your baby to carry on learning while at rest.

Also, babies learn a fantastic amount about their neighbouring environment through the feelings created by handling items.

They favour soft, warm sensations to hard cold objects and choosing cot toys that encompass diverse textures and materials will stimulate and the baby’s sensual development.

New baby gifts that are specifically for the cot or pram should also encourage your baby to stretch and reach towards them enabling different kinds of physical development.

Shop till you drop?

January 22, 2009 — Category: Baby Products — Written by Diane

What price a long lasting new baby present? Well we all know the importance of buying a good quality baby gift and there are some great products to show someone how much you care. The great thing is that now purchasing gifts online allows you to shop without feeling like you want to ‘drop’ at the end.

For example have you thought about a delightfully presented baby gift basket? You can buy a hamper for twins too which looks charming and arrives with two teddy bears that can be for two boys, two girls or one of each and are soft and cuddly to touch.

Also, you should get some personalised clothes in the hamper: body suits, and cotton bundles together with a cute looking hat. All of the contents are wrapped and are presented in natural bamboo. They can be delivered (if you buy online) with your own personalised message.

Buying online can take a lot of the hassle out of baby gifts and there are so many beautifully presented baby gifts to choose from that you’ll have a great time selecting the perfect gift, one that will stay with the child and in the memories of the parents forever.

Photographic memories

January 20, 2009 — Category: Baby Ideas — Written by Kelly

What a brilliant idea for a new baby gift. Babies develop and grow every day but now you can watch your baby grow in pictures and capture once in a lifetime memories with an incredible baby photo shoot. The amazing thing is that you have created a keepsake you can cherish forever.

A baby gift of a professional photo shoot that seizes those delightful early months would be a present any parents would love. If you’re thinking of buying a shoot, you should look out for deals that make the family feel very special on the day.

They should be greeted by someone representing the company; the parents should be given an opportunity to choose a location for the photographs and a chance to look at previous photographs to get some idea of what they might want.

Remember that it is an ‘occasion’ and if you’re buying this as a newborn baby gift you might have to find out information for the photographer. They might need to know the baby’s exact age, sex and whether the family have any special interests or requirements.

The whole day is designed to make the family feel wonderful and a gift of this sort would make a great alternative present to the ones usually bought for parents. These occasions last in the memories of people and leave a lifelong impression in the hearts and minds of the parents.

Long lasting baby toys

January 19, 2009 — Category: Baby Ideas — Written by Adam

The quandary most of us find ourselves in when considering the importance of quality baby toys of what to buy as a baby gift is their longevity. If we buy a premade cake to celebrate for example it has its moment and then it is gone.

Dilemmas of this kind should not stop one from buying a baby gift or toy, all we need to do is to think about how long it is going to last. That is not to say that quickie presents do not have their value because they do, champagne chocolates are all very welcome indeed for parents but we’re talking bout something else here.

Some great baby gifts offer parents clothes that will last for a few years like the ‘Now and Then’ baby gift set offers baby suits that range from 0-3months, 3-6mths and another set for later. This allows the present to have a certain length of value over a period of time enabling you and the recipients to enjoy it for longer.

A gift that will have great significance for the parents will be baby’s first rattle. These items are often kept as keepsakes in memory boxes to remind parents of the child’s first year or so. Therefore a gift such as this will hold its place amongst the wealth of gifts bought for parents and child.

Bath time play time

January 16, 2009 — Category: Baby Products — Written by Diane

There’s something really special about baby’s first bath time. You connect with your baby in an event that is natural and delicate and you feel the bond growing between the pair of you. This moment is precious and lovely and can be captured within an adorable frame which makes the perfect new baby gift.

As the child grows of course getting them to into the bath can be tricky so why not make bath time fun and playful? There are some great toys for toddlers like rubber ducks that make noises when pinched or how about a miniature jet-ski set to entice them into the bath? These baby gifts are all safety conscious and don’t cost the earth to buy, helping you to create a pleasurable pastime for your little one.

When bath time is over you could wrap baby up in a beautifully warm and personalised bathrobe or towel. You often find items like this in new baby gift baskets that friends or family have put together or purchased and they come in handy as the baby grows. Personalised items help little ones feel cherished and loved, part of the family group but with a sense of their own identity too.

Twin keepsakes

January 14, 2009 — Category: Baby Gifts — Written by Kelly

There’s something wonderful about buying baby gifts. The searching out of quality items that will become keepsakes forever can have you wide-eyed and loving every aspect of the gorgeous gifts on offer.

You can choose from a variety of different themes whether you want to go for beautifully crafted clothes of something lovable like a toy teddy bear, there’s so much to choose from.

Shopping for twins is doubly exciting of course and fun collections of specially selected toys and garments will serve not only as a memento of your love but also as practical baby gifts for the toddlers to play with and use.

Many of the ideas for baby gifts contain generously sized clothing that will last babies for 3 to 6 months which is great because you’ll get time to see them on and to enjoy them.

Here’s an idea, why not buy the twins a pair of celebratory signature plates? You could put them in a gift basket with your teddies and clothes.

The beauty of this present is that whilst it is a dual present for the twins the plates can be designed so that they are very individual making them a unique baby gift.

Basket mix and match

January 12, 2009 — Category: Baby Gifts — Written by Adam

Once a baby is born it is natural to want to give them as many experiences as possible. Activities and stimulation will help your baby to grow and become more inquisitive about the world enabling them to learn.

Wherever you live there will be baby classes and toddler classes to help parents and babies bond. Not only that but it also helps both parents and babies interact with other people and for the parents, discuss what other people find helpful and useful, and for the youngster a brilliant opportunity to interrelate with others.

If you can’t find anywhere to go to be creative then why not set up a gathering or class yourself? Babies need stimulation and one of the ways you could start is by looking at creating an arts and crafts group.

A good way a mother and father can have fun with their children is to make baby gift baskets for future parents to enjoy. What you do is, buy some baby gift baskets already made up and do a kind of ‘mix and match’.

By adding some of your own personal items like: photographs of the expectant couple, friends and well-wishers, then reseal the basket for them to open after the baby is born you create a perfect newborn baby gift with a personal touch.

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