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Preparing the Nursery

November 7, 2008 — Category: Baby Ideas — Written by Kelly

One of the most exciting things that you will do in preparation for your newborn baby is to decorate and furnish the nursery.  How you decorate the room will depend on a one main thing – are you finding out the sex of your baby or not?  If you decide to stay traditional and have a lovely surprise at the birth never fear!  There are plenty of beautiful wallpaper designs and paint colours that can be used for both sexes.  From subtle creams and warm yellows there are plenty to choose from.

Most paints these days are safe for you to use but if possible get your partner to do the painting.  Always ventilate the room whilst painting and for some days afterwards.  If you do choose to do the painting yourself then take plenty of breaks.  If you’re unsure about painting yourself get some advice from your midwife or doctor and bear in mind your centre of gravity will be off kilter so no balancing on ladders!

To jazz up painted walls use a pretty border and accessorize with curtains, rugs, cushions, toys, bed linen, murals and a lampshade.  You may choose a theme for the room which can be fun and add stimulus for your new baby.

Decorating a nursery can be expensive so if family and friends are looking for new baby gifts ask them to buy some of the accessories for you.

Gifts for the Perfect Slumber

November 6, 2008 — Category: Baby Gifts — Written by Diane

Newborn babies spend a large percentage of their day sleeping so if you’re looking for baby gift ideas then the area of slumber and snoozing is a good one to start.

Due to spending nine months cozy and secure in the uterus of their mother, babies initially prefer small, confined sleeping areas such as Moses cribs and bassinets.  There are coverlets and sleeping sacks available to cover the baby in a variety of styles and colours.  Try to avoid using blankets until the baby is older and can safely roll from side to side.  This prevents the danger of suffocation.

You’ll also find a wide selection of toys available for the crib.  Make sure they are newborn friendly and are recommended for crib use.  Avoid buying anything that is battery operated for a newborn as batteries can leak in the crib exposing the baby to toxic chemicals.

After three months of age babies start to be awake a little more.  Between napping, babies of this age need toys to stimulate their sensory development.  Musical toys are a great idea and can also sooth the baby to sleep after feeding.

Like adults, babies sleep better if there are no stimuli in the room.  Nightlights are a great way of throwing some gentle light on the room but avoid keeping the baby awake.  There are also relaxation tapes available that can mimic the sounds of the womb to help lull the baby to sleep.

Safety First

November 5, 2008 — Category: Baby Advice — Written by Adam

When putting together a list of things that are required for the baby it can be easy to overlook safety gadgets.  However, it is of paramount importance to baby proof your house particularly once they start to get mobile.

A baby gate is a good starting point and it will pay to understand how to choose a suitable baby gate.  The first hot spots for installing a baby gate are the top and bottom of the stairs and any stairway that the baby may gain access to.  You should always ensure that gates placed at the top of the stairs are fixed to the wall or banister with hardware mountings and are not simply secured by pressure bars.

You’ll find most baby gates are either in the form of metal bars or rails that are built to comply with government safety standards.  You can also get expanding accordion types which again are regulated so that the diamond shape meets certain size restrictions when opened up.

No matter what style it should have flat, smooth edges to minimize any instance of injury if a child tried to climb over the gate.  If you have a wide space to protect you can often send off to the manufacturer for an extension kit.  You can also buy kits to mount the gate securely to the wall.

When preparing your baby gift list make sure that safety gadgets such as baby gates, monitors and corner protectors are included.

The Best Travel Cot

November 4, 2008 — Category: Baby Products — Written by Kelly

When looking into buying a travel cot as with all baby products these days there is such a wealth of choice on offer you may not know where to start.  There are some key pointers you can use to help drill down the selection.  This becomes even more important if your family have kindly agreed to buy the travel cot for you as a gift.  You need to provide them with your criteria for the travel cot and, even better, have chosen the model beforehand.

Here are some guidelines to help with your selection:

Think about how you are planning to use the travel cot.  Are you likely to be traveling the length and breadth of the UK or is it more likely that it will make the odd celebrity appearance at your parent’s or friend’s house on the odd occasion you need to stay over the night?

If you are traveling frequently investigate how heavy the travel cot is.  It needs to be easy to move around.  Some fold down into handy travel bags which will save car boot space and make it easier to carry from one place to another.

Is the travel cot robust enough for frequent trips?  Again this goes hand-in-hand with the frequency of your traveling.

Do you know the size of the room you’re most likely to be using the travel cot in?  Be aware of the dimensions of travel cots as they range from mini size to full size.

Is style or practicality more important to you?  There are brands available that appeal to the more fashion conscious mums and dads however you’ll pay top prices for a premium name.

Do you want built in accessories such as a music player, nightlight or basinet?

By now you should have drilled down to a choice of two or three which will make the final decision much easier.

Travelling with a Newborn Baby

November 1, 2008 — Category: Baby Advice — Written by Adam

Buying for a newborn can seem extremely daunting. Not only do you need to buy equipment for the home but to travel too. You may initially feel reluctant to travel with the baby but there are so many travel gadgets and equipment available now you’ll find travelling can be done with ease.

When you leave the hospital with your newborn baby you won’t be allowed to leave in the car unless you have purchased a suitable car seat. This is possibly one of the most important buys you will ever make. The safety standards now are very high and it’s essential to ensure your car seat meets the guidelines. These days there are plenty of travel systems available that include a pram, carrycot and car seat as a convenient package fit into most cars.

If you enjoy travelling then a travel cot can be a great buy and are safer than sleeping with the baby in the main bed. It’s useful for trips away and visits to grandparents.

Other useful gadgets are portable high chairs, portable sterilisers and bottle warmers, all of which can be kept in the car for when you are on your travels. Travel bags are essential with plenty of pockets and storage space for bottles, nappies and the rest of your baby’s essential things.

If you’re making the car seat a priority, why not suggest some of the other nice-to-have items as possible gifts for the baby from friends and family.

Essential Baby Bits and Bobs

October 31, 2008 — Category: Baby Products — Written by Diane

If you’re expecting a baby the essential items such as a pram, car seat and cot are often bought first. At this point you may sit back in relief thinking you’ve got everything covered. However it is amazing how many things you require to set yourself up for the new arrival from a practical point of view and often the smaller items such as baby baths, nursery toys and baby changing equipment are the ones that can be forgotten.

Bath time for your baby can become a stressful experience if you don’t have a specifically designed baby bath. Babies cannot support themselves so it can be difficult to manage without a baby bath to keep them confined and safe. A soft fleecy baby towel is also a good idea to wrap around the baby to keep them warm.

Another great baby gadget is the baby sling. This allows you to manoeuvre around the house with both hands free. Most babies will love being so close to you and will find the contact soothing. They are also convenient if you’re just nipping to the local shop and want to avoid getting out the pram and any paraphernalia associated with it.

Other items that you will find useful are a changing bag, a baby monitor and a grooming kit. You’ll need baby toys for the crib, the pram and car seat. Make a list of all the smaller items you need and let family and friends buy you the items as baby gifts. That way when you bring the baby home you’ll have everything prepared.

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