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Model Jodie Kidd is to be a Mum!

June 15, 2011 — Category: New Baby Announcements — Written by natalie

Model Jodie Kidd was proudly showing off her pregnancy bump and revealed she has had a crush on her boyfriend since she was 12 and is expecting a little boy.
Jodie was one of the UK’s most successful models known for her waif-like figure, is now six months pregnant with Argentinian polo player Andrea Vianini, baby Andrea is also the best friends with her brother.
Kidd, 32, said: “Andrea wanted a little girl. I didn’t mind, as long as the baby was healthy. I had a sneaky feeling it was a boy - it just felt like it.”
The couple became an item more than a year ago they recently spent eight months together at 45-year-old Vianini’s Uruguay base but are back in the UK for the polo season.
There baby boy is due in mid September and we all at baby joy wish the every happiness.

Father’s day gifts for that special Dad or Grandad from Baby Joy Gifts

June 12, 2011 — Category: Baby Gifts — Written by natalie

Father’s day falls on 19th June this year so visit today to buy a wonderful gift to show him how much you love him.

We have a lovely Daddy and Grandad Shaped Fine bone china mug for that well earned daily cup of tea or coffee which will bring a smile to his face every time that he reaches into the cupboard for it.

We also have a stylish I love my Daddy mug and Frame gift set which has a Spotty design both are made of fine white bone china.

The Photograph frame is 5inch (11.25cm) and makes the perfect gift to tell Daddy how much he is loved.
Another great gift for any much loved daddy to take to the office for coffee break and to have that special photo on his desk or for him to use at home.
Don’t forget that special daddy or granddad on this very special day.

Grandad Mug

Organic Baby Gifts and Baby Clothes

May 27, 2011 — Category: Baby Gifts — Written by natalie

Why choose organic cotton for baby gifts and if you do what are the benefits?

Until about 50 years ago, cotton-growing around the world mainly involved sustainable techniques which did not permanently deplete resources or create a health hazard.

But our present use of pesticides used on cotton crops increasingly threatens people, wildlife and the environment.

Most pesticides were originally developed as toxic nerve agents during World War II and it is therefore no wonder they have been linked to many forms of cancers.

Organic cotton represents a return to safe and sustainable practices. It is grown with natural fertilizers and is free from toxic chemicals.

Organic farmers rely on crop rotation to replenish and maintain soil fertility. Mechanical cultivation and botanical or biological means are used to control pests and weeds.

A field must be pesticide-free for at least three years to be certified organic, and the cotton must be processed according to international organic standards.

Some of the benefits of organic cotton baby gifts are:

Manual farming and organic practices have a lower carbon footprint as the entire process consumes less fuel and energy and emits fewer greenhouse gases

Not from genetically modified cottonseed

Grown with natural processes rather than synthetic pesticides and commonly used fertilizers, no chemical defoliants.

Eco-friendly processing that does not compromise workers’ health and helps reduce water and electric use and toxic effluent waste, e.g. non-chlorine bleach, silicon-free softeners and low impact chemical free dyes.

Strict testing of the organic cotton ensures the absence of contaminants like nickel, lead, formaldehyde, heavy metals, amines, and commonly used pesticides.

Many people that suffer with allergies and have chemical sensitivity especially benefit from organic cotton clothing.  Conventional cotton may retain traces of harmful toxic residues that could affect them. Even if they don’t have sensitive skin, organic cotton will just feel naturally better against their skin.

I find this shocking what have we done to our trusted cotton supply we need to change and go back to our old ways to give future generations the right to feel safe in the clothes that they are wearing.

Baby Joy have selected some lovely organic baby clothing and new baby gifts for our baby gift range and we aim to grow this over the next year.

Blankie bunnies and blankie bears are Back at Baby Joy Gifts…

April 20, 2011 — Category: New Baby Gifts — Written by natalie

Blankie Bunny for a Girl - Here’s a little something to celebrate.

If you go to our website today,
You’re sure of a big surprise.
If you go to the baby gifts section,
You’d better go in disguise.

For every bear that ever there was
will gather there for certain because
Today’s the day the Blankie Teddy Bears and the Blankie Bunnies have their picnic.

new baby girl gifts and new baby boy gifts from Baby Joy.

blankie bunny

Why not have a Baby Joy Gifts baby shower

April 18, 2011 — Category: Baby Gifts — Written by natalie

The Baby Joy Team would love to help you with all your Baby shower requirements.

We can supply all the baby gifts for the special event and are planning to extend the range to include Invitation cards, Balloons, cake decorations and cookie cutters and much more to make any Baby shower that extra bit special.

We can also offer a baby shower gift list so guests can buy items from us for the special party so no one buy’s the same gift.

So if you are planning a baby shower soon for a friend family member or work colleague visit our web site to see what we can bring to the party.

Great gifts for the new arrival at this special time!

Baby Joy for This Morning presenter Holly

April 15, 2011 — Category: New Baby Announcements — Written by natalie

New Baby Gifts company Baby Joy Gifts are pleased to announce that Holly Willoughby, This Morning presenter has just become a mum for the second time.

Holly gave birth to a bouncing baby girl named Belle she weighted 5lb 2oz .

Holly, 30, and husband Dan Baldwin are already parents to Harry, who is 1 ’said that they are thrilled and feel very lucky and can’t wait for their son Harry to meet his little sister Belle,’ says her spokesman.

Holly has already tweeted about her baby joy thanking everyone and saying that she’s amazing

We all at Baby Joy Gifts send our very best wishes to the whole family.

Organic New Born Baby Gifts: The Natural Choice!

April 11, 2011 — Category: Baby Products — Written by natalie

If you’re struggling to choose new born baby gifts for friends or family, consider organic presents. You’ll find there are lots of gorgeous, natural presents to choose from.

And you’ll have peace of mind that whatever you choose does not contain any potentially harmful chemicals. Equally, because babies’ skins can be sensitive, and infants tend to put anything and everything in their mouth, some clothes, toys and other items may cause allergies or other adverse reactions.

When it comes to organic baby presents, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice. For example, you could go for a personalised baby hamper packed with natural goodies from cotton clothes to bath products. Everything will be completely natural, with no harsh ingredients, for example, shampoo and soap which won’t sting baby’s eyes.

A baby hamper may also contain toys, towels, bibs and face clothes – you’ll find a range of gorgeously cute designs to choose from. And, if you shop online, you can save time and money, and the retailer can deliver your present to the recipient’s door -  ideal if you don’t live nearby.

At Baby Joy Gifts, we specialise in presents for newborns, including a great selection of organic gifts and delivery UK-wide. Just make your selection, add a personal message and you’re done!

Our organic range includes the most delightfully cute clothes from robes to bodysuits, along with towels, blankets, wash mitts and a gorgeous Moses basket. Make your selection from our website today.

The real cost of having a baby in the UK?

April 10, 2011 — Category: Baby Gifts — Written by natalie

The total cost of having a baby can come as an unexpected shock to almost half of first-time parents on average, it costs almost £3,500 to cover all the expenses of a baby’s first year. This figure includes pre-birth purchases such as maternity wear, cot, pram and car seat plus day-to-day items once the baby is born such as nappies, clothing, formula milk and food, but doesn’t include childcare costs and any loss of parental earnings.

Even more money will obviously be spent by parents who want designer-clad offspring and the latest hi-tech baby equipment.
47% of parents with children under the age of five, said their firstborn was more expensive than they had expected and only 15% of respondents said they had budgeted sufficiently for their first child.

Most new parents said that they had had to make lifestyle sacrifices to accommodate unexpected, additional baby costs. The biggest change had been cutting down on entertainment such as eating out and going to the cinema - perhaps an inevitable result of having a young baby as much as because of the costs involved, closely followed by buying fewer clothes. Other lifestyle changes included saying goodbye to expensive, foreign holidays or holidaying in the UK instead, buying cheaper groceries, postponing DIY projects and reducing financial contributions to pensions, investments and savings.
A few practical ways of coping with baby costs include:
Plan ahead and save as much as possible in advance during the pregnancy when both parents are still working

Draw up a “baby list” just like a wedding list and suggest practical items you really need when friends and family ask what gift they can buy for your new baby. This saves money and avoids receiving unwanted dry-clean-only designer threads and mountains of stuffed toys.
Try to borrow or buy items no longer needed by friends and family and get some great new baby gifts!

It can be done you just need to make the right savings and choices I would never recommend a second hand car seat or cot mattress but clothes that have been outgrown in a few months or an item that is safe to use are the way to save money in the long term.

What makes the perfect baby gift?

April 8, 2011 — Category: Baby Gifts — Written by natalie

A new baby gift is a very special experience for both giving and receiving the gift.

Gift selection should not be rushed and thought about as every gift big or small has a meaning, especially to those who have a really close relationship with the person receiving the gift.

A gift shows that you care , understand and value them as an individual the monetary value of the gift is not relevant, it’s the meaning that is more important as you having taken time ,love and a great deal of care to select a gift that is truly unique for that person.

It may be something that is very practical which will have a great deal of use or a luxury item that makes life easier, whatever you choose take time to think don’t just buy the first thing that you see.

Think would I like to receive this item myself and is it appropriate as a baby gift.

Having a new baby is a very expensive time in anyone life so try to choose something that can help, it may be something very basic but most parents would prefer to have a item that serves a purpose rather than sits in a cupboard or on a shelf unused.

Times are financially hard so even more care is needed when selecting the perfect for you friend, colleague, neighbour or close family member.

Enjoy the selection of the gift as it is your small part in this special time of life for someone you care about so share it with them and have fun doing it.

Show that you care and give them the perfect baby gift or baby gifts.

Send Flowers that last, Two gifts in one!

April 5, 2011 — Category: Baby Gifts — Written by natalie

Send a beautiful posy of flower to celebrate the arrival of a new baby girl or baby boy.
A great alternative to fresh flowers, each baby clothing bouquet contains three pairs of cotton baby socks, a cute bodysuit, a baby bib and a baby vest.

A bouquet that lasts longer than a traditional flower bouquet, garments can be taken out and enjoyed long afterwards. All of the outfits are 100% cotton and surprise the parents in their unusual presentation.

This bouquet is wrapped and presented beautifully, order now have them sent with your very own personalised message, delivered in the UK direct to the new parents.

Place your order for new baby gifts today

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