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May 10, 2009 — Category: Baby Advice, Baby Gifts — Written by Kelly

It’s lovely to receive new baby gifts for your baby, but sometimes they come with lots of advice and recommendations that can feel a bit overwhelming. Just because someone else has children of their own, it doesn’t mean that they know more about your child – as time goes on you become the best expert on your own baby. But of course, you don’t want to be rude or unkind to other people, who after all, are only trying to help; so you need to develop a strategy to deal with advice.

You will need to think about what you are being told as some of it will be good advice that you will be glad to use, and some of it may be old-fashioned, or simply not they way that you want to do things. Most people who give advice will be just as happy if you divert the conversation into general talk and reminiscence about babies and how to look after them, so you don’t have to directly challenge them and tell them you don’t want to hear their advice.

Having a baby is such an important experience that it’s no wonder that people want to share how they did it, so there’s a good chance that sometime in the future you will find yourself in the position of being the advice-giver.

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