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Safe and Sound

December 23, 2008 — Category: Baby Gifts — Written by Kelly

When looking at practical baby gifts there is a whole array of products falling under the baby safety heading that can be considered to give the parents a helping hand when the bay arrives.

You can look at babyproofing gifts according to the age of the baby. At newborn and 0 to 3 months the immediate safety hazards are relatively low since the baby isn’t mobile yet and can’t stand or reach. However there are safety precautions that need to be taken in the sleeping areas such as the cot and crib.

If you have volunteered to buy a cot or crib then make sure the cot is covered by today’s safety standards. The cot should be labelled with the appropriate standards and also have guideline on the appropriate usage covering guidelines about age for example. If you’re buying bedding or mattresses there are also safety considerations to be made to ensure the hazard of suffocation is avoided.

The temperature in the nursery needs to be constant so a thermometer needs to be purchased to keep an eye on that, and also appropriate bedding bought that will keep baby snug but won’t cause the baby to overheat.

The changing table also needs attention and must be secured as babies can easily topple off.

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