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Safe Baby Gifts

November 10, 2008 — Category: Baby Gifts — Written by Diane

Toys for babies are some of the favourite choices when buying new baby gifts.  When buying from reputable stores you would assume that the toys are safe for use but there are still some guidelines you need to follow:

Match the Toy to the Baby’s Development
Most toys have an ‘age’ sticker which is most helpful when trying to find a toy that is suitable.  Newborn toys tend to be soft and tactile and then as the baby develops you’ll find toys with chimes and rattles, bright colours and different textures which appeal to the stages of sensory development.  Do not be tempted to buy a baby a toy that is targeted at an older child as they may be dangerous in a younger age group.

Think Big!
Until the child reaches the age of three toys should be larger than the baby’s mouth to prevent choking.  If you are unsure try to squeeze the toy through a toilet roll.  If it fits, it’s not safe.

Avoid Heavy Toys
Steer clear of heavy toys or anything that could tip over.

Securely Made
Check for stitching along seams of stuffed animals and that any animal tails are securely fixed.  They should have no buttons, ribbon or anything else the baby could detach and swallow.

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