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Safety First

November 5, 2008 — Category: Baby Advice — Written by Adam

When putting together a list of things that are required for the baby it can be easy to overlook safety gadgets.  However, it is of paramount importance to baby proof your house particularly once they start to get mobile.

A baby gate is a good starting point and it will pay to understand how to choose a suitable baby gate.  The first hot spots for installing a baby gate are the top and bottom of the stairs and any stairway that the baby may gain access to.  You should always ensure that gates placed at the top of the stairs are fixed to the wall or banister with hardware mountings and are not simply secured by pressure bars.

You’ll find most baby gates are either in the form of metal bars or rails that are built to comply with government safety standards.  You can also get expanding accordion types which again are regulated so that the diamond shape meets certain size restrictions when opened up.

No matter what style it should have flat, smooth edges to minimize any instance of injury if a child tried to climb over the gate.  If you have a wide space to protect you can often send off to the manufacturer for an extension kit.  You can also buy kits to mount the gate securely to the wall.

When preparing your baby gift list make sure that safety gadgets such as baby gates, monitors and corner protectors are included.

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