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Smiling and affection

May 11, 2009 — Category: Baby Advice — Written by Diane

Every time you smile at your new baby, you are teaching them about love and affection. Babies learn through copying, and even though everyone says that babies don’t really smile before about 6 weeks, that it’s wind or discomfort making them grimace, all mums know that they are seeing a smile. So smile a lot at your baby and you can hope that they copy your smile back all the sooner.

Another thing you will notice is how intently your baby stares at you, even from newborn. Babies can’t focus very well at first, but do look very fixedly into your eyes as you are feeding them, and as time goes on, they will learn what you look like, and associate you with all the comfortable things that happen to them, like feeding, winding and cuddling. And why should all the learning be one way? You can copy your baby and look closely and lovingly at them, so that the bond between you grows.

Also, don’t keep all this love and affection just to yourself, dads, brothers and sisters can enjoy all this smiling and looking as well, so that the whole family develops a strong, warm bond, and that’s what families are all about.

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