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Something for mum

March 18, 2009 — Category: Baby Gifts — Written by Kelly

Some mums-to-be find pregnancy a great confidence booster – one of the advantages of pregnancy is that the normal hair loss we all have slows down, so your hair looks wonderfully thick and shiny. There can be a huge boost of energy too, and a wonderful feeling of wellbeing.

Sadly, not everyone feels like this and other mums-to-be have the opposite experience of feeling sick, tired, uncomfortable and feeling that they look horrible.

In either case, the birth of the baby brings a huge change – suddenly after months of living with the bump, it is gone, and the now proud new mother thinks again of having a waist and maybe even a flat(ish) stomach.

Whether she is now breathing a sigh of relief at no longer feeling awful, or missing that lovely feeling of pregnancy, how could any new mum fail to appreciate a gift of some luxury, pampering bath and skincare products, to make her feel like her own self again?

It doesn’t have to stop with mum though, how nice for the new baby to have some lovely, gently skin balms and oils as well. One of the nicest things for a new mum and her baby to do is to relax together and get to know each other, and encouraging her to pamper herself and the baby will give them both great benefits.

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