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April 14, 2009 — Category: Baby Ideas — Written by Diane

Newborn babies and reading to them may seem a little extreme, but what you do with your small baby can have an effect later on on how interested in books they may become. A small baby doesn’t have very focussed eyesight, so it’s no use trying to show them books as they will see a blur, but you could show a baby toys with bright, bold colours and shapes, then later introduce cloth books with bright and bold outlines that they will be able to distinguish.

As the baby becomes able to hold their head up, and then to sit up with support, you could hold them on your lap while you make up a story around the toys they have been given, perhaps telling them that this teddy bear was given to them by an auntie, and inventing a story about how she came to find the teddy. Your baby will get used to the idea of sitting listening and looking at the toy while hearing about it.

You can follow this up with baby books, telling the baby what is happening in the pictures. You will probably find that the baby will only be able to enjoy this for a fairly short time, as a small baby’s concentration span is not long, but you are preparing them for the experience of enjoying books as they grow older.

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