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Taking out the baby and toddler

July 14, 2009 — Category: Baby Advice — Written by Diane

It’s a shock to your toddler to suddenly have to share you, even though you’ve done your best to prepare them – small children can’t really understand the concept of a new baby until it arrives. Going out, which is always a bit of an expedition with a small one, becomes even more of an adventure, as the things that you’d forgotten you’d need as your toddler grew older, become necessary again.

Your toddler may become impatient with all this as they are used to you only having to get them ready and you will need to find a strategy to manage both their needs. It’s surprising how much it can help to just talk to your toddler and tell them what you are doing. Toddlers really want to be part of your world and are soaking up information like a sponge.

If, instead of just trying to get everything ready around a grizzling toddler, if you tell them what you are doing, such as ‘let’s get the pushchair out now, do you like the blue cover?’ or ‘We’re going to take the baby out, do you want to help me put their bootees on?’, you may find that they take an interest in getting ready.

Why not also let your toddler give gifts to baby? Being included will make your toddler feel cheerful and involved, and will lead to them being much more amenable to getting their own coat and coming with you happily.

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