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The nesting instinct

July 6, 2009 — Category: Baby Advice — Written by Diane

Some people believe that you can tell when your baby is about to be born because you will start what they call ‘nesting’. This means you have a clean out and tidy up of your home, and especially the room you plan to be the nursery.

Some new mothers confirm that they did indeed suddenly feel the need to clean and tidy and then found that the baby arrived shortly afterwards. Whether this is true for everyone, it is a good idea to have your nursery and all the baby items ready well in advance of your due date. This avoids the need to do this when you are not feeling up to it.

If you have planned what nursery and baby items you want, then you will be less stressed about the arrival of your baby. You might even be lucky enough to receive some of the items as baby gifts from friends and family. A new baby gift basket is a popular baby gift and if you receive one of these, you will be better prepared for when the baby arrives.

If you find that your nesting instinct kicks in, indulge in a little light dusting and sorting. If you are well prepared, then there should be no need for any heavy duty moving and cleaning.

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