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The Newborn Milestone

December 12, 2008 — Category: Baby Advice — Written by Diane

In the weeks before the birth there will be many things crossing your mind about your baby.  How will the baby like its new home?  How will they sleep?  How will I manage?  These are all normal questions and even if this is your second or third baby you will have other questions to replace those you had with your first.
Every baby is individual.  For example personalities even at newborn stage differ dramatically as well as growth rate and appearance.
The first milestone is the newborn stage when you initially bring your baby home from the hospital or introduce the baby to the new surroundings if you have a home birth.  You will be very excited to show the baby their newly decorated nursery and open all the baby gifts that you have no doubt been inundated with.
There may be some things your baby needs to recover from that have originated from the birth process.

Many babies get jaundiced or may have a pointy head.  Don’t worry as these things disappear after a few days.   Hold your baby close and cuddle him or her often.  In the first few days and weeks the mother/baby bond starts and is extremely important.  Breastfeeding can help this process and has amazing health benefits for your baby.  Your baby may sleep a lot at this stage.  Make the most of it to recover after the birth.

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